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People and Their Cars [Infographic]

Over the past century, cars have emerged as a very popular pastime, in addition to their purpose of getting from point A to point B. Somewhat naturally, since people invest so much of their money and time in cars, car owners develop an attachment to their vehicles, going so far as to even name them.

The relationship between a car and a car owner is interesting in many ways:

4 out of 10 Americans claim their car has a unique personality. Many of them even consider their car as part of their family. To the most extreme, there are even hundreds of people who allege to have a romantic relationship with their car.

People spend an average of 600 hours per year in their car. Even though 38 hours of that time is spent stuck in traffic, the ones in love with their vehicles likely do not mind, even if that time in traffic costs an extra $818 in gas each year. In 2009, Americans spent $164 billion on car parts and services, a whopping 14.5% of their total spending.

Of course, buying a car in the first place is a costly expenditure. The average price of a new car is $30,748 and the average price of a used car is $15,617. Especially for those living in cities, yearly parking costs can be in the thousands; it's almost like paying rent for your car.

The average American drives 33 miles per day, so it's easy to understand why investing in a car makes sense. If one is going to spend a large chunk of their daily routine inside a vehicle, they might as well invest in that vehicle to make it safe and attractive.

Nearly 25% of Americans have named their cars. Many of them use their car's color and appearance for inspiration.

The most common male names for a car are Daniel, Tom and Jack, while the most popular female names for a car are Betty, Jessica and Pippa. Regardless of what one names their car, the mere naming process shows a special kinship between car and driver.

Although women are 10% more likely to name their cars than men, there are many car owners of both genders that affectionately refer to their car with a personal name. It’s simply one of many ways a driver shows adoration and kinship with their vehicle.

Check out the rest of the People and Their Cars Infographic below to learn more about the ways we interact with our vehicles:

People and Thier Cars Infographic


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