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Ford Focus ST gets big power gains with small changes.

Ford Focus ST gets big power gains with small changes

Just a few weeks ago, we introduced you to our new 2014 Ford Focus ST project car. We've gotten right down to work on it, and we've already seen some big power gains from our first few small mods.

To get started, we took the Focus ST down to our friends at InTune Autoworks to get a few different dyno pulls. To start, we put our Focus ST on the dyno in a purely stock condition, with 87 octane, so we could get a baseline for horsepower and torque. After that, we spent some time behind the wheel to use up that 87 octane, so we could fill it up with 93 octane for the next pass on the dyno. After that, for the final pass, we grabbed our handy SCT tuner and put a base Focus ST tune on it and put it back on the dyno one more time.

As you can see in the video, we had some pretty impressive results with these few simple changes. To start, we needed to get a baseline to see what our Focus ST made from the factory, with the dealer supplied 87 octane. We learned that our base horsepower and torque was 204 and 214 ft./lb. respectively, though there was a significant drop in both at around 5,000 RPMs, which we expected would get corrected when we switched to 93 octane, since that was what this performance EcoBoost motor was really designed for.

When we made that fuel swap and revisited the dyno, power was bumped up to 218 horsepower and 228 ft./lb. of torque, but the gains throughout the curve were just as impressive. In addition, that significant drop at 5,000 RPMs was gone and the horsepower and torque curves were nice and smooth. With the SCT tune, even more gains occurred: We were up to 226 horsepower and 242 ft./lb. of torque, but the gains throughout the horsepower and torque curves were, again, impressive.

Borla Exhaust

Our next project for the 2014 Focus ST was a new exhaust, which will get rid of the heavy and restrictive factory exhaust. While there are lots of quality exhausts to choose from, since we'd already shown you how to install the great products from Flowmaster and MBRP, we thought we'd go with another great exhaust--the Borla Touring 2-1/2" Stainless Steel Cat-Back Exhaust System.

As you can see, Bill walks us through every step of the installation process, and shows that it isn't a very complicated process. Bill simply removed a few bolts and cut the factory pipe, which freed it from the car and allowed him to easily remove it. The new Borla exhaust then slid right in, and after Bill connected each of the different pipes, he fired it up and went for a test drive. The test drive took him back to InTune Autoworks, for another pass on the dyno.

While we expected our new Borla exhaust would help the sound of the car and reduce the weight overall, we were pleasantly surprised by the results the dyno revealed. While peak horsepower didn't see any gain, and we only picked up an additional 5 ft./lb. of torque, we did see horsepower and torque gains throughout the pass, which made us pretty happy with our decision to upgrade the exhaust.

However, if you're unsure about which exhaust sound you like the best, CJ Pony Parts can help. Since we've installed three different Ford Focus ST exhausts already--from MBRP, Flowmaster and Borla--we put together a Focus ST exhaust sounds video, so you can compare all three and make an informed decision.

Want to see more from our 2014 Ford Focus ST? CJ Pony Parts will be continuing to post updates on our YouTube Channel (make sure to Subscribe!), or you can visit our Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter and Instagram pages to see the latest news and upgrades.


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