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Meet Joe Cressler!

Meet Joe Cressler!

Here at CJ Pony Parts, we have countless members of the CJ team that are true Mustang enthusiasts. One of our most passionate and outgoing employees is Joe Cressler, CJ's Service Writer, and we're excited to introduce you to him for this month's Employee Spotlight!

Whether you’ve interacted with Joe while placing an order for parts during his time in Sales, scheduling service for your Mustang, or at one of our annual CJ events, you’ve likely noticed Joe’s passion for all things Mustang.​

Joe became an instant fan of Mustangs when he took his first ride in his grandfather’s blue 1968 coupe, which featured a 302 V8, 4-barrel carburetor and duel exhaust. He also grew up hearing stories and admiring photos of the Mustangs his father used to own, including a 1970 Mach 1 with a 428 SCJ engine that he special ordered from L.B. Smith Ford in Lemoyne, Pennsylvania.

“My grandfather’s ’68 had a mild cam and a rumble that shook my vision along with the car when we sat at traffic lights. It had me smiling every time he started it up.”

At just thirteen years old, Joe purchased his first Mustang, a black 1969 Mach I with black interior. His Mach 1, which was found in the classifieds, needed some body work done, but it was otherwise in good shape. To get the Mach 1 in prime condition, Joe and his dad worked on the necessary restoration work, which included adding new front floors and fixing up the rear quarter panels.

“Mustangs have always had a look that drew me in, more so than other cars.”

Along with the ’69 Mach 1, Joe has also owned a 1987 GT convertible, and he currently has a 1996 SVT Cobra and a 2005 Mustang GT Premium. 

If you’re a subscriber to our YouTube channel, it’s likely you’ve seen Joe’s 1996 SVT Cobra in several install videos. Both on camera and off, Joe has made several performance and styling upgrades to his Cobra, ranging from a BBK Cold Air Intake to custom LED accent lights added to each headlight.

Some other upgrades to Joe’s ‘96 Cobra include:

Growing up in the Harrisburg, Pennsylvania area, Joe has been able to watch CJ Pony Parts grow as a company, beginning its operations out of a barn, then to a garage selling used parts, and now to the international company that it is today.

At Pony Trails 2013Joe joined the CJ team in 2012 as a Sales Representative. Recently, he switched over to the Service side of CJ’s, becoming our Service Writer. Along with placing orders, Joe now schedules install jobs for CJ Pony Service, handles quotes for restoration projects, and assists with tech support.

“I’ve been able to turn my hobby into my career, and it’s been absolutely great ever since.”

Here at CJ’s, Joe adds a certain enthusiasm and energy level that’s hard to beat. Not only does he handle a variety of tasks during normal business days here at CJ’s, but he also hosts our Cars & Coffee events, which occur every second Saturday of the month from April to October.

“I love hosting our Cars & Coffee events because they give me the perfect opportunity to interact with our customers and learn about their Mustangs… and also, who doesn’t love car shows?!”

Joe at All Ford NationalsJoe’s enthusiasm for Mustangs doesn’t stop when he leaves CJ Pony Parts at the end of the day, either. There are several events that he attends annually, including the Carlisle All Ford Nationals and Covered Bridge Cruise.

For the All Ford Nationals, Joe and his father have started a tradition of checking out the show, and then attending the downtown parade and party. This past summer, Joe and his 2005 Mustang even placed 3rd in the 2005 GT Hardtop class! He is also involved with the Mustang Club of Central PA, which hosts and schedules several events throughout the year.

The next time you’re at one of CJ’s annual events or stop by the showroom, make sure you find and say “hi” to Joe! And don’t forget about our Cars & Coffee events, beginning in April!



This car looks like you got it out of the junk yard yesterday. My Pacer that has rust looks better then this piece of shit. Nice try.

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