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CJ’s new website is a BIG upgrade!

CJ’s new website is a BIG upgrade!

Have you explored the new CJ Pony Parts website yet? If you haven't, you're missing out on a ton of new features that are going to make your Mustang parts buying experience that much better!

New Site on MobileDesigned for Tablets, Smartphones and More...

If you have a tablet, smartphone or another mobile device, you may have noticed that our previous website didn't look the best on those screens, and required lots of zooming and scrolling to get anywhere, or actually be able to read the text. Well, the days of scrolling and zooming are GONE!

To accomplish that goal, rather than developing a mobile app, we just decided to go and make our website work perfectly on practically any device out there! In fact, we've optimized every page so that it will look perfect on your tablet, your smartphone and your computer--at the same time. Go try it out and see for yourself.

By designing the new CJ Pony Parts website this way, we can be sure that you will be able to read every word, see every picture, see your cart, save your cart or place an order without any difficulties, no matter whether you're viewing the site on your iPhone or your 27" flat screen monitor.

New Design

Before we did anything with the design, we needed to understand what was important to our customers. So, we did some research. We found that you wanted to find your parts easier. So, we moved the search front and center and made the navigation, as a whole, much easier to use.

We also have spent hours upon hours reorganizing our product categories, so when you go searching for a product, it is where you expect it would be. We also upgraded our refining tools, so when you are in the Interior category, for example, you can easily select 1966, Door Panels, and TMI, and you will only see the four results you're looking for, instead of more than 4,000.

New Website on ComputerWe also were reminded that you like seeing photos of the Mustang parts that you're thinking of purchasing. The photos, too, are now front and center on the product page, and much bigger than ever before, giving you much more detail on each part. Our product and install videos are also much bigger and easier to access, giving you the opportunity to see them on a much larger screen, without going to YouTube.

Easier to Find

Have you tried searching for CJ's parts on Google recently? We're ranking better than ever. On our new website, we've included dozens of upgrades to better enhance our positioning on Google. Our rankings have already improved, meaning you can find the parts you need much easier. This is an ongoing project, as we'll always have improvements and updates to make as Google updates their search tools, but our new website has made it much easier for you to find the parts that you need, whether you're looking on our website or your favorite search engine.


The new CJ Pony Parts website is much faster than our old website. We've spent lots of time cleaning things up, so you don't have to wait nearly as long to move from part to part, work on your saved cart or place an order. Searching for Mustang parts is also much faster, so you can find what you need quicker. If you were a regular user of our old website, we think you'll notice the speed increase and we're sure you'll appreciate it as much as we do.

So, if you haven't seen our new website, what are you waiting for? With all of these benefits, ordering your Mustang parts has never been easier!


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