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America’s Addiction to Oil [Motion Graphic]

America’s Addiction to Oil [Motion Graphic]

America's addiction and reliance on oil could literally bring us to a halt. Over 50 million barrels of oil are pumped each day to meet the global demand for gas, and America as a nation is the biggest addict of them all. Despite the world's progress on improving average miles per gallon and fuel efficiency going up, we still use up 18 million barrels of oil daily. In America alone, our fuel dependency means there are 244 million vehicles on the road at any given time.

To save us from our environment's demise due to our fuel use, car manufacturers are taking great strides to protect our environment. Ford's 2015 Mustang is among the most spectacular of turnarounds in fuel efficiency. The 2015 Ford Mustang will feature an EcoBoost four-cylinder engine, along with weight reductions and various other fuel efficiency innovations. With progress coming from manufacturers like Ford, we may just be able to save our environment and lower our fuel use. Our future depends on it.

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