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NEW VENDOR: Anvil Auto

NEW VENDOR: Anvil Auto

In the last 25 years, Mustang restoration has come a long way.

In the past, owners loved to restore their Mustangs to factory condition, right down to the factory over-spray, making for a massive market for factory correct parts. However, times have changed, and many owners now want to do some major custom modifications, including bigger motors, wheels, more efficient transmissions and a unique look. To that end, our newest vendor has you covered.

Anvil Auto PartOne of the major players in the custom modification market is Anvil Auto, our newest vendor. Anvil produces very high quality, custom carbon fiber and fiberglass parts for many early model Ford Mustangs, along with many other classic muscle cars. Their parts are designed to enhance the look of your Mustang without losing the flavor of its original style. Currently, Anvil offers both interior and exterior replacement parts, plus many custom parts to give your classic Mustang the unique look you desire.

While, currently, Anvil Auto only offers parts for 1969-1970 Mustangs, they do anticipate offering parts for additional years of classic Mustangs in the future. Their parts are available in either fiberglass or carbon fiber, and their carbon fiber parts typically have satin and glass finish options. Each part is fully fiberglass/carbon fiber, overlays from Anvil, for sure!

CJ Pony Parts invites you to visit our vendor page for Anvil Auto and check out their entire Mustang product line! You will find tons of great interior, exterior or custom Mustang parts for your early model Mustang.


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