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Make your classic Mustang unique with TMI’s Center Consoles!

Make your classic Mustang unique with TMI’s Center Consoles!

Mustangs made from 1965-1973 weren't blessed with a whole lot of storage. TMI fixes this with their line of center consoles, giving your Mustang a stylish look with an abundance of storage.

TMI offers a huge variety of center consoles for 1965-1973 Mustangs, including standard and deluxe consoles and versions for Mustangs with or without a factory center console. Each console features quality, French seam stitching, a plush, fold-back arm rest/console pad, a secret compartment under the console pad, a console pad map pocket and a hidden console pad hinge.

The Deluxe Consoles also add a high quality chrome trim that wraps around the console base. Each console is available in factory colors, so they'll match any interior, or with a two-tone option to add another level of style to your Mustang.

Check out the wide variety of center console options from TMI:

Installation is extremely easy, as these consoles feature Velcro straps that attach to the carpet under the console. It's plenty secure for driving, and allows you to remove the console for security in high risk areas, or if you just want it out of view for a car show.

If you've noticed the lack of storage in your Mustang and haven't found a solution, these center consoles from TMI might be exactly what you're looking for.

Check them out! Special thanks to Waylon and TMI for being part of this video!


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