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Brighten up your 1965-1968 Mustang’s interior with LEDs!

Brighten up your 1965-1968 Mustang’s interior with LEDs!

The stock lighting in most early Mustangs is notoriously dim and can be very ineffective. However, for the interior, Scott Drake has a perfect solution: A LED lighting kit!

Fixing weak headlights and taillights on classic Mustangs is rather easy, with dozens of more powerful aftermarket options available, with many even utilizing the factory wiring. However, with the interior wiring circuits in most classic Mustangs not being able to handle many standard or LED interior lighting packages, options are rather limited if you want to avoid having to completely rewire. Scott Drake recognized this when they developed their series of interior LED lighting kits for classic Mustangs, as each uses the factory wiring to power cooler running, brighter LED bulbs.

Scott Drake offers several interior LED lighting options for early model Mustangs:

Installation is very easy. In most cases, you'll just pluck the old bulb out of the socket and drop the new LED bulb in. In few instances in his video installation, Bill shows you how to make very slight modifications to the socket to accommodate the LED, but, overall, the installation won't take more than a few minutes and can make a massive difference in brightness and the overall look of your classic Mustang's interior.

So, if you want to be able to finally see when you're inside your classic Mustang at night, Scott Drake's interior LED lighting kit is going to be exactly what you're looking for.


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