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Install LED Halo Halogen Headlights onto your classic Mustang!

Install LED Halo Halogen Headlights onto your classic Mustang!

Looking for brighter headlights and a little more style for your classic Mustang? Get both in one package with these Halo LED Halogen Headlights!

Our series of LED Halo Halogen Headlights certainly fit the bill, with bright halogen replacement headlights and single or multi-color LED halos. These products come in four versions that fit all years of classic Mustang:

Each of the single color LED Halos have 42 low temperature white LEDs, while the multi-color versions utilize 21 LEDs, which can change to one of 16 different colors at the touch of a button. Plus, LEDs turn on instantly at full brightness--no warm up! It is worth noting, however, that using any color on your LED halos other than white is illegal for use on the street, so the colored versions are pretty much for show use only. Each of the Halogen Headlights that come in every one of these products can significantly upgrade nighttime visibility, by 50% over the stock headlights, making your nighttime driving much safer!

In today's installation video, Bill takes a look at these products and shows you exactly how to install the Multi-Color LED Halo version into a 1967 Mustang, which is very typical of the process used for each product in any classic Mustang. The install takes a few hours and uses only hand tools--check it out and get your next weekend project lined up!


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