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Install a Trufiber Intake Manifold Cover & Coil Covers onto your Mustang!

Install a Trufiber Intake Manifold Cover & Coil Covers onto your Mustang!

We started dressing up Gotta Have It Street's engine compartment with a JLT Carbon Fiber Cold Air Kit. Then, we added some beautiful Scott Drake Billet/Carbon Fiber Engine Caps. Now, with this week's installation, we add Carbon Fiber Coil Covers and a Carbon Fiber Intake Manifold Cover from Trufiber to build on the beautiful carbon fiber look! 

To start this installation, we added the Trufiber Carbon Fiber Intake Manifold Cover, which fits all 2011-2013 Mustang GTs. It features real, infused carbon fiber, plus a show quality urethane automotive clear coat. There's even an indent for a 5.0 logo! As you'll see in Rick's video, this part of the installation takes only a few minutes and really adds to the look of the engine compartment.

Trufiber also hooked us up with a pair of Carbon Fiber Coil Covers. Just like the manifold cover, these coil covers feature real, infused carbon fiber and are direct replacements for the stock parts, though you will need to reuse the rubber grommets from the factory coil covers. With swapping out the grommets, the second part of the installation takes a few more minutes--15-20 minutes, at most--but they certainly add even more to the look under the hood of Gotta Have It Street!

Check out Rick's latest install video to learn more about these Trufiber parts and see how easy they are to install under the hood of your 2011-2013 Mustang GT!

Special thanks to Trufiber for the parts!


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