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Gotta Have Builds race at Beaver Springs Dragway

Gotta Have Builds race at Beaver Springs Dragway

It had been a few weeks since Gotta Have it Race and Gotta Have It Street had been to the drag strip, so Bill and Rick planned to take both cars up to Beaver Springs Dragway for their Friday Night Street Race!

To prepare for the trip to the track, the Gotta Have Builds team put Gotta Have it Race back on the dyno to see how the numbers changed after the installation of ARH Long Tube Headers and Ford Racing Axle Back Sport Exhaust System. The tune looked good and Gotta Have it Race ended up making an additional 21 horsepower and 13 ft./lbs. of torque! For Gotta Have It Street, they swapped in the Race Star Industries 17″ x 4.5″ Dark Star Wheels and Race Star Industries 17″ x 9.5″ Dark Star Wheels with the M&H Racemaster Front Runner 185/55-17 Drag Tires and called it ready to go!

Dyno Test

On Friday afternoon, the team started their 1.5 hour ride trek to Beaver Springs. Tommy and Josh decided to bring Rick's 1993 Mustang LX to provide video and photography support, and the Gotta Have Builds team also called their good friend, Bob, and got him to bring his 4.0L V6 Turbo Mustang. Everyone made it up to Beaver Springs Dragway around 5:30 and proceeded to clean out the cars and get them ready for tech inspection. During tech inspection, Gotta Have it Race was classified in the Street Stick class while Gotta Have It Street was classified in the Street Auto class.

Shortly after getting inspected, the Street Stick and Street Auto classes were called to the lanes. Gotta Have it Race and Gotta Have It Street were still hot after the 1.5 hour drive, and the weather was a sweltering 90+ degrees with high humidity. Bill was first up with Gotta Have it Race. He used his first run to get a feel for the track and made a pretty impressive pass, given the conditions, of 12.44 @ 113.02 MPH. Rick and Gotta Have It Street were up next, and he ran a 12.96 @ 107.2 MPH in his first pass. Both cars made a few more passes during time trails with Gotta Have it Race running a best of 12.32 @ 113.60 MPH and Gotta Have It Street showing a consistent 12.93 @ 108.6 MPH.

During time trails, Beaver Bob, the owner of the Beaver Springs Dragway, brought over his new 2013 black 5.0L GT to show to the Gotta Have Builds team. Beaver Bob bought a nicely optioned 6 speed manual that had a very cool red interior. It even had a red, leather wrapped steering wheel. This was the first time that anyone on the team had had the chance to see the red interior, and they thought it looked great when combined with the black exterior. Beaver Bob was impressed with how well Gotta Have it Race ran and will be bringing his black 2013 GT to CJ Pony Service for similar upgrades in the near future.

gotta have it street burnout

While grabbing a some dinner, another driver, Heath, approached. Heath also has a 2013 Mustang GT in Gotta Have It Green. Even though his car is stock, with the exception of an axle back exhaust, Heath has been following this blog and the installation videos for future parts ideas, and he was impressed with how well the Gotta Have Builds Mustangs ran. Since he is a rookie racer, Rick and Bill gave him a little advice based on what they have learned with the cars, and Heath ended up running a new personal best later that evening!

A little after 8 p.m., Beaver Bob announced that the lanes were open for one more test run before they would be closed in preparation for eliminations. The sun was going down, so Bill took Gotta Have it Race up to the line to get one more shot. The slightly cooler weather and a much cooler car made a noticeable difference, as Bill ran a 12.18 @ 113.99 MPH, which was the best pass of the night!

Bill and Gotta Have it Race was first to be called in the Street Stick class. Once the sun went down, the temperature and track finally started to cool. With the better conditions, Bill expected that Gotta Have it Race would run close to the previous pass, but he wanted a little wiggle room, so he dialed in at 12.28. Our competitor in the first round was driving a stock '96 GT that was dialed in at 15.54, so Bill would be chasing her. Bill cut a .028 light and was in front of his opponent well before the finish line and ended up running 12.45 @ 105 MPH.

Rick was up next with Gotta Have It Street in the Street Auto class. He knew the cooler weather was going to make Gotta Have It Street faster, but he dailed in at 12.95, expecting to have .1 seconds or so to play with. Rick had the better reaction time at the line and chased down the other car by the end of the 1/4 mile. Even though he was hitting the brakes before the end of his run, Rick and Gotta Have It Street still broke out and ran a 12.86 @ 99 MPH.

gotta have it race runBill was ready for the next run, and his match up would be against the current track champion. Bill knew that he had to cut a good light and make a great run if he was going to win this round. Bill cut a .057 to his opponent's .010, but, unfortunately, tried to put too much power to the ground for the Mickey Thompson ET Street Radials 275/50-15 tires, causing Gotta Have it Race to spin the tires when leaving the line. It was all over from there, as his competitor ran a good race and won with an 11.39 @ 111 MPH to our 12.46 @ 113.93 MPH.

Everyone had a lot of fun at the Friday Night Street Races at Beaver Springs. As an added bonus, the track runs the .500 Pro Tree, just like the Roush Super Stang class in the NMRA, which gives us some practice between NMRA events. We will surely be back to Beaver Springs several more times before the year is over.

Here are the parts that we have installed so far on Gotta Have It Race:

Here are the parts that we have installed so far on Gotta Have It Street:


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