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First look at the 2014 Mustang…

First look at the 2014 Mustang…

After a major refresh for 2013 and with an all-new model coming for 2015, we didn't expect a whole lot to change in the 2014 Mustang. However, as details started to break over the last few days, a few things surprised us.

For the most part, the 2014 Mustang is carried over from the 2013 model. However, Ford couldn't resist tweaking several options and removing a few others to set the 2014 Mustang apart. Read on to find out the details...

A 2013 Ford Edge showing off the Mustang’s new Ruby Red color.Several of the changes in the 2014 Mustang involve the colors available:

  • Ruby Red replaces Red Candy
  • Oxford White replaces Performance White (this is the first time Oxford White has been offered on the Mustang since 2004)
  • The colors for the GT/CS are limited to Deep Impact Blue, Race Red, Black, Sterling Gray, Ingot Silver and Oxford White
  • The matte black hood stripes on the GT500 are now in gloss black
  • All other exterior colors remain the same, and there are no changes to any of the interior colors

Two new option packages will be available as well. Both are appearance packages, one for the GT and one for the V6. No specifics are available as to what is included on these packages, but we're expecting stripes, special wheels and perhaps some special badges. No news on whether a 50th anniversary edition will be included in the 2014's plans, or whether that celebration will wait until the 2015 model is released in early calendar year 2014.

Boss 302The final bit of news came as a big disappointment. The Boss 302 and Boss 302 Laguna Seca are both missing from the ordering system and might not be available for 2014. Both models might have only been limited, two year editions, or Ford just hasn't added them to the ordering system yet. While we're hopeful that it's the latter, we fear the Boss 302 may be gone.

All of these details will be finalized in a few months. Order banks open on November 12, 2012, while the 2013's production will cease on January 11, 2013. The 2014 will begin production sometime soon after that. We'll continue to monitor the 2014 Mustang's changes as more details become available, so we can bring them to you.

In the meantime, what do you think of these proposed changes?

Sources: Mustangs Daily/Mustang Heaven


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