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CJ’s takes a walk down memory lane

CJ’s takes a walk down memory lane

CJ Pony Parts has come a long way since it's beginning in 1985. We were just reminded of that, after a trip back to where it all started.

In 1985, CJ Pony Parts was founded by Creed and Jay, who, at age 18, bought their first Mustang on April Fool's Day the year before, intending to have some cool transportation back and forth to school. From there, their passion for the Mustang grew. They added many more Mustangs and, a business was born, in the corner of a barn, with their Mustangs parked all over the barnyard.

Old CJ Barn

A few weeks ago, several members of the CJ's team made a trip back to that barn, their first building, where CJ's still had a few old Mustang parts in storage that needed to be cleaned out. Jay and those members of the team spent an afternoon up there and took a stroll down memory lane. 

The first home for CJ Pony Parts was only a 10'x10' space that had to be shared with the farm animals who resided there. CJ Pony Parts started as a hobby, with Creed and Jay storing many Mustang parts in that space for eventual installation on one of their Mustangs, or sale at the many swap meets and car shows they would attend to finance their hobby.

However, their passion for Mustangs quickly turned into a growing business. CJ Pony Parts relied upon that small space in the barn and the barnyard as things began to take off. However, with the business growing very quickly, they couldn't reside in the barn too long.

In fact, since their days in the barn, the company has moved six times to handle the continuing expansion of the business. Currently, CJ Pony Parts lives in a 44,000 square foot building, which was built in 2007. Across the parking lot, CJ Pony Service, our sister company, along with many of the CJ Pony Parts office staff, work in the 19,000 square foot building that housed the whole company from 1999-2007.

CJ Pony Parts Building

That's a far cry from the barn where the company started, just 27 years ago.


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