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Install a CPC NXT Generation Hood Strut Kit into your 2007-2013 Mustang

Install a CPC NXT Generation Hood Strut Kit into your 2007-2013 Mustang

While we have already removed the annoying factory hood prop rod on Gotta Have It Race and installed a hood strut kit, we hadn't done that yet on Gotta Have It Street. That changed recently, with Gotta Have It Street receiving a new NXT Generation Hood Strut Kit from CPC!

The CPC NXT Generation Hood Strut Kit helps dress up the engine bay and eliminates the factory prop rod, which really gets in the way when you work on your engine. The kit also helps make opening your hood practically effortless, through CPC's high quality gas struts. It fits 2011-2013 V6 and GT Mustangs, along with 2007-2012 Shelby GT500s. The California Pony Cars kit can come in bare aluminum, or can be color matched to the factory paint on your Mustang.

In the video, Rick shows how easy the installation of the California Pony Cars kit is. The kit just bolts on--no drilling required--and only takes a half hour to install. If you're looking for a quality hood strut kit with a simple install, this is the one for you!

Special thanks to California Pony Cars for supplying the NXT Generation Hood Strut Kit!


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