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Gotta Have Builds are going to hit the track!

Gotta Have Builds are going to hit the track!

No, neither Gotta Have It Street, nor Gotta Have It Race are here yet.

gotta have it raceWe expect them any day. According to Hoffman Ford, they are very close.

They are so close that we made plans for next weekend, May 4-6, for both cars.

We're going to the track!

Both Gotta Have It Street and Gotta Have It Race are going to be on the track at the 12th annual NMRA Ford Nationals at the Maryland International Speedway next weekend, May 4-6. Both cars will be entered in the Roush Super Stang class, which is an index-style bracket race that's strictly for 2005-2013 Mustangs. For Gotta Have It Race, this event marks the beginning of our quest to beat the track's stock engine record—which is essentially a record that requires a completely stock Coyote 5.0L from throttle-body to oil pan, and is currently in the 11.30 second range at about 120-122 mph. However, with the car being fresh from the factory and totally unmodified for this race, we're pretty positive we aren't getting that record this weekend! Meanwhile, this is Gotta Have It Street's chance to make a big splash on the scene before hitting the show circuit for the summer. We also will be bringing our 2011 SVT Raptor, which is one of the support vehicles for the Gotta Have Builds cars. The Raptor will be entered in the Detroit Locker Truck and Lightning category after fulfilling it's support duties on the way to Maryland.

We can't wait!

Check out the homepage article on the NMRA Keystone website about CJ Pony Parts, and make sure you keep checking our blog or CJ Pony Parts’ pages on Facebook, Google Plus, and Twitter for the announcement about the arrival of Gotta Have It Street and Gotta Have It Race. They'll be here any day now, and the fun will soon begin!

Not here yet!


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