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Get Ready! Gotta Have It Street is Almost Here!

Get Ready! Gotta Have It Street is Almost Here!

We've been getting excited about our Gotta Have Builds Mustangs for the last two months, ever since we placed the orders. Since then, we've showed off our proposed designs for both cars, we've taken a closer look at Gotta Have It Race and Gotta Have It Street, and even invited you to guess when the first car is going to arrive at CJ's. 

Well, the wait is almost over! We've received word from our friends at Hoffman Ford in Harrisburg that Gotta Have It Street is estimated to arrive THIS SATURDAY, April 14!

With the latest arrival estimation for the upcoming weekend, you'll want to keep an eye on CJ Pony Parts' pages on Facebook, Google Plus, and Twitter. The delivery--with pictures--will be posted there, with a full update coming on our blog early next week, including a photo shoot! Once Gotta Have It Street arrives, we're getting right down to work. We have quite a few parts ready for installation, with more arriving soon.

If you entered our recently ended Guess the Arrival Date contest, our April 14th date announcement is only an estimation provided by Ford Motor Company and our local dealership. The winner of our contest will be determined based on the day in which Gotta Have Street is actually delivered to CJ Pony Parts, but we are really hoping that this coming Saturday is the real deal! 

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