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Video of the Week: 1968 Mustang’s Death Down Under

Video of the Week: 1968 Mustang’s Death Down Under

This week, we share with you the video of a 1968 Mustang's death down under. This classic Mustang was outfitted for Touring Car racing and met it's demise in the 2011 Bathurst Touring Car Masters in Australia. 

A slight bump from a competitor's Charger sent this piece of Mustang history straight into the wall. The driver, a regular Touring Car Masters competitor named Andrew Whiteside, didn't even have a chance to tap the brakes before he bounced off the wall. He was fine after the collision, though. As both the video and the picture show, the collision was pretty hard and caused a lot of damage, compressing the driver's side fender, hood and bumper all the way back to the firewall.

The crash itself was rather spectacular, and the video depicts it from multiple angles with colorful commentary by the announcers. Take a moment on this Friday afternoon, enjoy, and mourn the '68 Mustang's passing. Have a great weekend! 

Source: StangTV


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