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What not to do with a 2011 V6 Mustang…

What not to do with a 2011 V6 Mustang…

Before we launch into this story, we want to make clear that this is truly an example of Mustang stupidity. Do not ever try what's shown in this video! While running at 135 mph might be safe in the confines of a track, holding a video camera and driving anywhere--especially at those speeds--isn't, so please don't!

Now that we've shared that, the individual in the video found out what happens when you remove the factory's 112 mph governor and attempt to do 135 mph.

While the driver does reach 135, or perhaps a little bit faster, you'll note at about 30 seconds in, there's some strange noises, followed by a massive "BOOM!" That boom was the catastrophic failure of the drive shaft. The drive shaft turned into a spinning mass of metal that ripped apart the floorpan and tore through its interior bits, all while creating a whole mess of mechanical issues. While there isn't a lot that could've prevented this catastrophe, if the driver had proceeded to stop, rather than continuing to accelerate after he first heard weird noises and felt vibration, he might've saved the car. We think that's common sense but, judging from the video, apparently not!

StangTV reported on this video as well, and notes that there are several other instances of V6 Mustang drivers who have lost drive shafts, either after significant modifications and stupidity (as in this case), or under normal driving conditions. One specific example (backed up with a video on StangTV) shows a guy with his modified V6 Mustang doing a dyno run, with the drive shaft falling apart around 135 mph. The video's comments note that the replacement failed after a month, while other drivers had stock V6 cars experience failures.

StangTV notes that the V6 does have a different drive shaft than the GT, one optimized for bridging the gap between fuel economy and performance, so perhaps that is an issue. Ford does recommend to those looking for performance to upgrade to a GT, which is truly designed for performance. Meanwhile, we will watch what develops with the V6 driveshaft and see what happens.

Have you had any problems with your 2011 V6's drive shaft?

Meanwhile, enjoy the video and have a Merry Christmas!

Sources: Autoblog


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