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For Sale: 1965 Mustang…with 4WD??

For Sale: 1965 Mustang…with 4WD??

Back in the early 1960s, Harry Ferguson Research began development on their "Ferguson Formula" four wheel drive system, which they attempted to sell to many of the bigger British automotive manufacturers of that time, including Jaguar, Rootes Group, BMC and Rover...and Ford? Commissioned by Ford on a research project, Ferguson converted three 1965 Mustangs to his 4wd system in order to sell the system to Ford. While Ford wasn't interested in buying the system, all three of these 1965 Ford Mustang 4WDs still exist today, and one of them is now for sale! This is an extremely rare car, and would be a pretty cool opportunity for the right buyer.

This is a two owner car, with just over 73,000 documented miles and has resided in the United Kingdom for its entire life. In fact, it's a left hand drive Mustang, likely because, at the time Ford and Ferguson began the four wheel drive project, a right hand version was not available, which now makes the car even more of a rare find for British buyers. The shot below shows the front axle that has half-shafts on either end for the four wheel drive system.

4WD Mustang

The interior shows no signs of a four wheel drive system and looks like it's in pretty good shape for being over 45 years old, though it may include a tachometer below the radio and some floor mats that don't match the all blue interior.

So, if you'd be interested, the vehicle is on sale at a dealer in Hampshire, England and is listed at 45,000 GBP ($70,605 USD), which seems to be pretty reasonable considering both the rarity of the car and the condition it's in. It does come with full documentation including all the log books and the research behind the unique Ferguson Formula 4WD system.

Inside the Mustang

While Ford didn't end up buying the Ferguson Formula, it's worth noting that it did eventually end up incorporated on the Jensen FF and sold from 1966-1971.

We're wondering if Ford may have missed out on something by not adopting a four wheel drive system a full 15 years before Audi developed their Quattro system for their sports cars. Would you have bought a four wheel drive Mustang?

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