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NEW PRODUCT: SCT iTSX Wireless Tuning Programmer

NEW PRODUCT: SCT iTSX Wireless Tuning Programmer

For many years, SCT has offered Mustang owners the opportunity to unlock the real potential of their car with their lineup of popular custom tuners and programmers for 1996+ models. Now, they've taken it to the next level with the iTSX Wireless Tuning Programmer, which features a wireless OBD-II interface that is viewable on your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch via a secure Bluetooth connection.

This is the first and only “Made for iPod Touch – iPhone – iPad” vehicle tuner and OBD-II monitoring product on the market which takes tuning and monitoring to a whole new level of simplicity and convenience.  Here's just a few of the great features that come with this product:

  • FREE app available from Apple's App Store
  • Increased vehicle performance in only a few minutes
  • On-screen virtual gauges to monitor engine data/parameters
  • Numerous performance tests
  • Easy to read, diagnose and clear vehicle diagnostic trouble codes
  • FREE custom tunes from CJ's to accommodate for any modifications (coming soon!)

This product was just released by SCT this week, and CJ's is the first to have the iTSX available! Check it out and, if you have an 1996-2012 Mustang, order yours today! *Special Note: iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad are NOT included with SCT iTSX programmer!


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