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More news on the 2014 Mustang

More news on the 2014 Mustang

According to quite a few sources across the Internet, the Mustang is going to have some big changes when the next edition hits the streets in 2014. These changes come just in time for the Mustang's 50th Anniversary, which also occurs in 2014. Some of the changes include:

  • New Markets. The Mustang is going into some new markets from 2014 forward, including Europe and the United Kingdom (meaning there will be a right hand drive version!). Ford also intends to sell the car in Australia and Japan. Ford's goal is to save costs, increase sales, and create a worldwide muscle car. All versions, though, will continue to be built in the USA.
  • Much less weight. The Mustang is going to drop a few hundred pounds, and shrink slightly. Because there's less bulk to drag around, acceleration and handling is expected to improve, as is fuel economy, meaning this shrinkage is a good thing.
  • Independent Rear Suspension. To accommodate new markets that contain roads which are much hillier and windier than American roads, the live axle rear end is disappearing. While this change may not please drag racers, I'm sure there will be parts available to swap suspensions, or tweak the independent rear suspension to be more race friendly.
  • Upgraded Interior. Again, to appease customers in their new markets that expect interiors that are of much higher quality than the Mustang is currently, the new Pony Car needs much better interior fit and finish with much higher quality materials, so that's a big item on the list for 2014.
  • Engines. As we reported two weeks ago, the potential remains to have a four-cylinder EcoBoost in the new Mustang. There's disagreements over the displacement (2.3 vs. 2.5 liters) and whether the V-6 will be replaced, but it is clear that the new Mustang is going to have a few more ponies under the hood.

So, what do you think of these changes? Do you like the idea of a smaller car, with new suspension and better interior?

Sources: Auto Express/Torque News


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