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Borgeson Mustang Steering

NEW VENDOR: Borgeson

When restoring or upgrading your Mustang, improved steering should always be one of the projects on your list. Better steering gives you peace of mind while driving, as well as a much more responsive muscle car at the track or on the streets. CJ Pony Parts is now offering all of Borgeson's Mustang power steering kits and steering shafts, as well as some of their individual steering components. With Borgeson and CJ Pony Parts, you can get your Mustang driving and handling like a dream!

Borgeson is the leading manufacturer and supplier of aftermarket steering universal joints and steering components for the street rod, racing and specialty automotive markets. Borgeson offers a wide range of steering components for early model and late model Mustangs. If you have an early model Mustang, a power steering conversion or upgrade can really give your Mustang renewed responsiveness. If you drive a fox-body or SN95 Mustang, then upgrading to an aluminum steering shaft will improve response and reduce backlash.

CJ Pony Parts invites you to visit our vendor page for Borgeson and check out their entire Mustang product line! You will find tons of great power steering kits, steering shafts and steering boxes for your early model or late model Mustang.

Here are just a few images of Borgeson's amazing products. Head over to today to see more great steering parts.

Borgeson Mustang Power Steering

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