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Would you shell-out for a new Fox Body shell?

Would you shell-out for a new Fox Body shell?

You already know that companies like Dynacorn have been putting out great early model Mustang body shells, but could you see a Fox Body Mustang shell in the near future? Some rumors are saying that you will see just that when SEMA rolls around this fall.

As the 1979-1993 Mustang body style slowly creeps closer to classic car status, it is becoming harder and harder to find all the parts and pieces you will need to restore a Fox Mustang. You can always spend endless hours in junkyards like our all-Mustang salvage yard, trying to find OEM parts to restore your Mustang, but there are people who would rather buy new and start fresh.

Ford has a program in place that tries to offer classic car enthusiasts an easier way to update and upkeep their favorite cars. These reproduction parts are great for a quick upgrade, and still offer a great fit, since Ford licenses tooling to these reproduction companies once they have decided to retire a part from their FoMoCo warehouses. This way, companies like Dynacorn can give you an affordable alternative to junkyard scouring, while still presenting a quality part based off of the original Ford tooling.

Currently, there are over 9,000 parts available as Ford tooling reproductions , and that number keeps growing. Soon, this Fox Body shell might be a new addition to the list. Which method would you rather use?


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