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CJ’s 10th Customer Appreciation Day shatters records!

CJ’s 10th Customer Appreciation Day shatters records!

CJ Pony Parts raised a total of $19,200 for the Penn State Hershey Four Diamonds Fund, putting them over their $1,000,000 goal!

We are very happy to announce that our 10th annual Customer Appreciation Day was a HUGE success! Over 500 Mustangs were in attendance for our show, breaking our previous year record of 469 Mustangs. Everyone really stepped up and made this our best show ever! We had set a goal of raising $10,000 for the Penn State Hershey Four Diamonds Fund, and SHATTERED that goal with a whopping $19,200! Thank you to everyone who helped by donating money, buying t-shirts, buying parts or participating in our raffles. The money is going to a truly GREAT cause!

Announcing the winners


The weather on Saturday was perfect for a car show. Before the 9am show start time, we easily had 200+ Mustangs registered and on display. By noon, we were running low on spots as we approached 500 Mustangs. We got creative and ended up finding a spot for each and every Mustang that showed up. Here are the official winner results for Customer Appreciation Day 2010:

Best of Show WinnerBEST OF SHOW

Bill M. (1986 Orange GT)

Early Model

1st - Coeorse R. (1968 Red California Special) 2nd - Allan P. (1969 Red Mach 1) 3rd - Bill P. (1970 Orange BOSS 302)

Fox Body

1st - Richard F. (1985 Gray GT) 2nd - Jim G. (1987 Purple/White GT) 3rd - Iams G. (1988 Black/Gold Saleen)

Late Model

1st - Joe B. (2004 Black Cobra) 2nd - Ricco M. (2002 Silver GT) 3rd - Brad Z. (2002 Red GT)


1st - John S. (2006 Orange/Silver GT) 2nd - Bill C. (2006 Black GT) 3rd - Eric I. (2010 Grabber Blue GT500)

We have many people to thank for making this such a great event. First and foremost, we want to thank OUR CUSTOMERS! Without you, none of this would be possible! Next, we want to thank our vendors and employees for their help and support leading up to and during the event. There is so much work done behind the scenes to make Customer Appreciation Day go as smoothly as possible, and we could not do it without the support and generosity of our vendors, and the hard work of our employees. We also want to thank the volunteers from Central Dauphin High School's Four Diamonds chapter, as well as our employee family members. There are always more jobs to do on CAD then we have staff to handle, so it is very inspiring that we have so much volunteer support every year! A few other special thank yous go out to:

-The Eclectics (live music) 
-Huffy the Clown (entertainer/sound equipment)
-Glenn Hill (our DJ/announcer)
-Tony Intrieri his Mach 1 Mustang (Bullrun VIP)
-West Hanover Fire Dept./Fire Police


Again, thank you to everyone for making this day possible. We love putting on this event and hope to keep doing it for another 25 years! See you next year!


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