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How well have you taken care of your Mustang?

How well have you taken care of your Mustang?

Many classic Mustang owners are proud of how well they treat their Mustangs, but not many can account for every day of that Mustang's life. This is not true with Bob B. and his 1965 Mustang. Bob is the only owner this Mustang has ever had, from the day he picked it up at the Ford showroom back in 1965.

45 years ago, Bob B. walked into the L.B. Smith Ford dealership in Lemoyne, PA and picked up his new Wimbledon White 1965 Mustang convertible. As excited as he must have been to get his new car, who would have thought that 45 years and 143,000 miles later, his Mustang would still be in such AMAZING condition?!

Bob B's Mustang

From time to time, Bob will visit CJ Pony Service to have them replace a small piece here and there, but this Mustang is a very original, very well kept, classic muscle car. The body and interior are completely original, along with all 143,000 miles on the original engine. Talk about "Built Ford Tough"! Bob also has an original dealer installed Rally Pac and the rare bench seat option. The only major replacement Bob's Mustang has needed over the years was a new convertible top... in 1989.

Once in 1975, Bob was thinking of trading in his prized Mustang on a new Ford sedan, but eventually turned down the small $350 offer that the dealership was willing to give him for his pony. Smart move, Bob!


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