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Great weekend for CJ Pony Parts Racing!

Great weekend for CJ Pony Parts Racing!

Over the weekend, CJ Pony Parts had a customer win the NMRA/NMCA Super Bowl, another get back into the running for a NMRA points championship and helped two more get their first Xtreme Street win! We are very proud of our racing customers, and hope they keep achieving! Here is a little bit about each of their accomplishments this weekend.

Sam Vincent wins his first NMRA/NMCA Super Bowl Ring

Once every season the NMRA and the NMCA get together for a little showdown for fun and bragging rights. The "Super Bowl" of drag racing is a highly competitive event, with the winners being given a Super Bowl “ring” for a victory. Both the NMRA and NMCA run their own classes all weekend, and then on Sunday, have a showdown between the winners of both groups to determine the Super Bowl winners in each class. Whichever group wins the most classes takes the Super Bowl title.

CJ Pony Parts has been supporting Sam Vincent’s wicked small block nitrous car for years now. He is a threat at any event he and his crew show up for. In a class dominated by blowers and turbos, Sam has stuck with and perfected his nitrous setup. He showed up at the Super Bowl with all his nitrous guns blazing and put on a show with runs in the mid to low 7’s all weekend! In the final against the always tough John Urist, Sam ripped off a 7.35@192 mph to take his first NMRA win of the season! In the Super Bowl race, Sam faced off with the NMCA’s Mike Yedgarian in his high 6 second 2002 Firebird. Since the classes rules are not identical, they used a handicap start to make things fair. Sam stepped up big time in the final, posting a 7.30@191 mph to take home his first Super Bowl ring!

Bob Cochran gets back in the running to defend his title

Defending Truck and Lightning champion Bob Cochran has spent most of the season fighting engine trouble. He was finally able to get it running right again, and is making a push to defend his title. He went all the way to the final, where he was unfortunately on the losing end. The points will be a huge help for him however, as he tries to repeat as Champion this year!

Local boys get their first Xtreme Street win

In local racing, CJ Pony Service has been helping out Steve and Jason Failor and their 1994 Mustang. They run on the dirt at Susquehanna Speedway, in the Xtreme Street class. They are currently the only Mustang in the field. Steve and Jason have been working hard perfecting their Mustang for the last couple seasons, and have been runner up at the last 7 races. Over the weekend, they finally were able to get everything to work, and won their first race! They are currently second in points, and are hoping to get a few more wins so they can contend for the Xtreme Street Championship!


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