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Great Grabber Rally 2010 turnout!

Great Grabber Rally 2010 turnout!

If you were driving past the CJ Pony Parts facility on Saturday, chances are you were blinded by the AMAZING orange glow coming from our parking lot. If you didn't stop in to see what was going on, then you missed the largest meet-up of Grabber Mustangs this year!

Over the weekend, CJ Pony Parts hosted the 4th annual Northeast Grabber Summer Rally, run by Mark Goodell from There was a great turnout and even better weather! Over 45 grabber orange and blue Mustangs were in attendance from all over the country!

I got to speak with Mark during the event, and he couldn't have been more happy about the day! Mark had counted 45 Mustangs in attendance when I talked to him, and knew of a few more coming later on. He was proudly wearing his Grabber Mustang t-shirt and explained that this was the first year the event had t-shirts for sale. In addition to t-shirts, the event volunteers were selling food and drinks all day. I was told that on Sunday, the group would be visiting Hershey Park to have a "day of fun" after the show.

Grabber Orange at Rally

The Grabber Rally closed with the "Best of Show" trophy presentation. The award went to Adam, from Pocono Lake, PA. He and his three daughters posed for some pictures with the car and their trophy. Congratulations, Adam!

We can only expect this event to get bigger next year. The group is passionate and Mark setup a great weekend of Mustang fun! We hope to see everyone back at CJ Pony Parts next year!


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