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CJ Pony Service helps customer take the prize!

CJ Pony Service helps customer take the prize!

After a successful weekend showing his car, you can bet Matt M. was glad he brought his 1998 Cobra Mustang in to the guys over at CJ Pony Service. They set him up with all the parts he needed and had his Cobra back to show-quality in time to win an award!

About a month ago, Matt and David came in with their Bright Atlantic blue 1998 Cobra Mustang, originally worried about some engine and transmission noises. Our qualified service department technicians found out what was wrong and soon had Matt back on track. Between the fixes done, and some parts that Matt added on, his Mustang was ready to roll in no time!

Photo of Cobra

First, the service department swapped out Matt's stock short block for a new Ford Racing Aluminator short block. After that was cleared away, CJ Pony Service installed a new clutch kit, flywheel and throw-out bearing retainer. To top it all off, Matt got a little more "show" with his horsepower, in the form of a JLT cold air intake kit, painted Bright Atlantic blue to match his awesome Cobra.

His Mustang was all set! Matt took the new & improved Cobra home, cleaned her up, took her to show and wouldn't you know it? He won a 3rd place trophy! Another great job done by CJ Pony Service! Thanks Matt M., for choosing CJ Pony Parts, and congratulations on your trophy!


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