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Hot Wheels Full Size “Color Shifter” Mustang

Hot Wheels Full Size “Color Shifter” Mustang

Hot Wheels announced that over the summer, they will be touring across Canada with their special edition full size Color Shifter Mustang. If you have never heard of Color Shifters, they are a popular line of Hot Wheels cars that can change paint colors, depending on temperature change. Now the genius minds at Hot Wheels have taken this novelty idea and applied it to a REAL Mustang!

Each stop along the tour will feature the full size Hot Wheels Mustang, along with all the latest and greatest Hot Wheels toys. You will be able to play with all the toys and even get a chance at spraying down the full size car yourself. I say this is a must see for parents and kids or Mustang enthusiasts who never grew up…

To see all the stops on the tour and for more information, visit

Source: Hot Wheels


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