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5.0-liter Crate Engine available late Summer

5.0-liter Crate Engine available late Summer

For 2011, Ford Motor Company has returned the 5.0-liter engine to the iconic Mustang GT. This has jump-started interest and excitement among Mustang fans of all ages, not to mention the array of new and exciting add-on options Ford will be offering directly from the dealer. Now, more than ever, you can create your perfect Mustang right from the start!

But what about those of us who already have our heart and soul (and wallet), poured into an earlier Mustang that is lacking the 5.0 goodness we are all so fond of? There is great news, because Ford Racing will be offering a new 5.0-liter crate engine for everyone else who cannot make the payments on a brand-new 2011 GT but still want the raw power of the five-point-oh!

Imagine, getting your 4.6-liter mustang upgraded to hold the power of a 5.0! This new 5.0 Ford Racing crate engine will be available to order late in the summer and will pump out all 412 horsepower promised. The part number for the new V-8 crate engine on Ford Racing’s website is M-6007-M5L. It will be a complete engine assembly, without the air conditioning and power steering provisions. Here are some other specifications found on Ford Racing’s site:

-390 ft/lbs of torque

-Aluminum block

-11.0:1 comp ratio

Currently, the boys over at StangNet already have a shiny, new 5.0-liter crate engine going into their "Built to Cruise" project. CJ Pony Parts is proud to be an official sponsor of the project!

Ford Racing has also announced that the new 5.4-liter GT500 aluminum engine will be available around the same time as the 5.0 crate engine. It will feature 550 horsepower, 510 ft/lbs of torque and an 8.4:1 comp ratio. Its part number will be M-6007-A54SC.

No pricing has been announced yet on either engine, but I can safely assume it will cost less than a brand-new 2011 Mustang GT or GT500.

Source: Ford Racing


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