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2017 Ford F-150 Raptor Parts On The Horizon

2017 F-150 Raptor Parts On The Horizon!

The Lowdown On The 2017 Raptor

There is absolutely no question that when it comes to the F-150 Raptor, we’re talking about all-out, 100%, grade A off-road goodness. All supported with a Ford Motor Company factory warranty! What more could you ask for?

How about the all new 2017 F-150 Raptor with a more efficient and more powerful 3.5L EcoBoost V6 engine pumping out north of 450 horses and more than likely an even higher torque rating. You’re probably already thinking, but what about the beefy 6.2L in the previous SVT Raptor? It’s child’s play at a mere 411 horsepower, so get ready to be wowed with decent gas mileage and available torque anywhere you want it thanks to a twin turbo setup.

Also new to the 2017 model year is the 10-speed automatic transmission. This will not only pose for some great off-road gearing, but also fuel efficiency for that rare occasion when you’re driving down the highway and not tearing up some rough terrain. With all these new additions to the 2017 model year, the aftermarket is gearing up with some killer parts for the new Raptor. And your friends at CJ Pony Parts are ready to make them available to you!

2017 Ford Raptor At CJ Pony Parts

Addictive Desert Designs And Their Intoxicating Looks

ADD Raptor Off Road Bumpers At CJ Pony Parts

Our friends at Addictive Desert Designs have been working hard to develop and produce some killer Raptor front bumpers, rear bumpers and side steps for the new F-150 variant. With new lines such as their Honey Badger, Stealth “R”, and Venom products, you can be sure to find the right off-road equipment to accessorize and modify your new Raptor to your specifications!

Take the Honey Badger line for example. The Honey Badger front bumper is manufactured to stand the test of abuse made from 1” steel, 1/8" external steel plating and 3/16” internal structure plating. With removable 1/8" aluminum skid plate accent panels. Addictive Desert Design bumpers also include LED light bar mounts for maximum nighttime off-road visibility.

The Honey Badger rear bumper is no different when it comes to head-turning looks and an aggressive, stealthy but utilitarian design. Made from similar steel characteristics as the front bumper, this rear bumper will also stand up to the test of continuous abuse no matter what trails you’re conquering in your new Raptor. With the rear bumper, you also have the option to add 10” LED mounts for nighttime rearward visibility. This will not only help you when you’re trying to back up but it will let others on the trail know exactly where you are at any point.

Pick Up Your 2017 Raptor Parts Right Here At CJ's

Whether you're on the hunt for subtle touches like Raptor Fog Lights or other Raptor LED upgrades. be sure to keep it here at CJ Pony Parts! We are adding parts every day that will not only fit your 2017 Raptor, but previous generation Raptors, Mustangs and other EcoBoost models! Be sure to stay tuned on our CJ social media channels for the latest updates on parts for your Raptor.


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