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TMI launches new Sport R and Sport II 1965-73 Mustang upholstery!

TMI launches new Sport R and Sport II 1965-73 Mustang upholstery!

TMI's line of Premium and Sport upholstery has been exceptionally popular with many Mustang owners. However, their new Sport II and Sport R upholstery is even better.

The Premium Upholstery line from TMI was designed to be very high quality factory replacements. Each part is styled exactly like the original factory parts from 1965-1973, and TMI nails many of the little details found in those original, factory Mustangs. Their Sport seats feature that same attention to detail and high quality construction, but also have a little bit more bolstering on the side and back rests, to provide a little more support to the driver and passenger.

However, when the classic Mustangs were designed over 45 years ago, the cars weren't really designed to do a lot of cornering--just high speed runs in a straight line. These days, especially with modern resto mods like better suspensions, wheels, and tires, some classic Mustangs can do almost anything a brand new model can, but the factory seats, or the Premium and Sport seats really weren't designed to keep the driver from sliding out of his seat when taking a hard corner.

Sport II R UpholsteryBoth products feature exaggerated bolsters on the bottom and back, which greatly helps keep the driver and passenger in their seats during hard cornering and more aggressive driving situations. So, not only do these seats look amazing, they're much safer, too!

In the case of the Sport II seats, while they do have the new aggressive bolstering, they still remain true to the appearance and details from the original, stock Mustang seats. They're available in all of the factory colors, including the two-tone and Mach 1 styles, for all years from 1965-1973 and can give Mustang owners a lot more support and a factory look in the same package.

The Sport R seats definitely look a lot different. While they do have the stock pattern, they're only available in black and feature high-quality UniSuede inserts and contrast stitching around the perimeter of the seat. The contrast stitching is available in a number of colors, depending upon your year of Mustang. For a resto mod owner looking to set their Mustang apart and have some amazing seats, these new Sport R seats are going to be perfect!

All of TMI's upholstery products are now currently available from CJ Pony Parts. Visit the TMI section and upgrade both the style and safety of your Mustang driving experience!


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