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Want to put Fog Lights on your new Mustang? Install a Starkey Kit!

Want to put Fog Lights on your new Mustang? Install a Starkey Kit!

While quite a few 2010-2013 Mustangs came with fog lights, many of the base or high performance models, like the Boss 302, weren't available with this feature. Many others, like our Gotta Have It Street Mustang, had to have the fog lights removed when we swapped in our new Roush Upper Grille. Enter Starkey Products' new fog light kits, which quickly and easily allow you to add new fog lights.

Starkey Products offers four different kits for 2010-2013 Mustangs:

Each kit, with the exception of the 2013 GT kit, is plug and play and does not require any cutting or splicing, which truly makes installation a breeze. Installation really only requires mounting the lights and the OEM style switch, running a wiring harness, and plugging everything together. Step-by-step instructions are included, plus everything you need to do the installation. Once installed, your Mustang will now have automatic headlamps (if it didn't before) and some beautiful Starkey fog lights.

Starkey's 2013 GT kit is a little different, as it is designed to allow you to remove the grille mounted fog lights and move them to the lower valance. On Gotta Have It Street, we recently installed a new Roush Upper Grille, so our fog lights were already gone and we were ready to get some new ones back on the car. Rather than running a new wiring harness, this kit splices right into the existing fog light wiring using 3M t-taps and mating quick connects, then uses your existing fog light switch. Once it's done, it looks just like a GT California Special with the factory fog lights.

In today's installation video, Bill demonstrates how to install the 2013 GT kit onto one of our 2013 Mustang GTs, Gotta Have It Street. It's about a two hour installation and requires only basic hand tools. As always, Bill walks you through the installation, step-by-step. Check out the video and, if you're looking to add some fog lights, you're now equipped to do it yourself.

Also, make sure to check out some other parts from Starkey Products, which offers a wide variety of 2005+ electrical components and accessories to help you make your Mustang your own.


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