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CJ's Gets Suspension & Brakes Into Project 50/30!

CJ's Gets Suspension & Brakes Into Project 50/30!

In the last few months, we've gotten a good start on our Project 50/30 build. In fact, our 1965 Mustang fastback has gotten some major pieces of the installation nearly completed - the suspension and brakes!

We introduced you to our Project 50/30 project earlier in the winter. While the weather this winter in Central PA was full of snow and ice, it was plenty warm in the CJ Pony Parts shop, where the project team has been hard at work the last few months installing the suspension and braking systems into Project 50/30! Here's some of the details on what we've gotten done with this project so far.

Ridetech Air Suspension

Our 1965 Mustang fastback project car started the winter riding on a standard 8-inch rear axle with no suspension to speak of. The Project 50/30 team decided to replace that with an 8.8-inch rear end, which would better support a Ridetech Bolt-on 4-Link setup. Coupled with that, we're in the process of installing Ridetech's ShockWave Air Shocks in the rear and Ridetech ShockWave Air Shocks for use with StrongArms in the front, with the whole system's air being managed by the Ridetech 4-Way RidePro Digital Computer Controlled 3-Gallon Compressor System. Our new Ridetech Air Ride Suspension system can be controlled by the driver with the Ridetech Digital Remote and Smart Phone Control Kit, which we're pretty excited about getting to use.

In this video, Bill and Josh show you these components from Ridetech and give you an overview of our plans before we get underway with the work.

Rod & Custom Rack & Pinion/Disc Brake Conversion

When work finally began, the team decided to work on the front suspension first since the rear was going to require a bit more work with the swap in rear ends. Before the air ride system could go in, a Rod & Custom Rack & Pinion/Disc Brake Conversion Kit needed to go in. After that, Bill and Josh could get going on the front air ride system.

Suspension Work Continues

After a few weeks of work, Bill, Josh and the rest of the team had the front suspension pretty much ready to go, with both the Rod & Custom and Ridetech portions fully installed. Since we were waiting for a few parts for the rear end, the rear suspension was only in the mockup stage, but Josh gives you a great idea of what it'll look like when it gets done.

Baer Brakes

After Bill and Josh finished building Project 50/30's new 8.8-inch rear end, they got down to work with the brakes. For both front and rear brakes, they decided to use disc brakes from Baer Brakes. The front brakes are Baer's 14-inch Pro-Plus Kit, while the rear brakes are the 13-inch SS4 Plus Rear Disc Conversion Kit. In the process of setting up the rear end for the brakes, they did a few modifications to the rear end for additional strength and performance. See their overview of the brakes and how things are starting to look for Project 50/30.

We're just getting started on Project 50/30!

Now that the suspension is nearly finished, we're soon going to be able to move onto the fun stuff - getting that big Coyote 5.0L V8 installed and running, and building out the rest of the interior. Keep following along on our YouTube channel for the latest videos and we'll keep you up to date right here as our SEMA show car progresses!



My mom has a great human interest story. All she wants is to once again drive her Mustang with me in passenger seat as we did back in '64 ( I was 5 ). I am going to restore it, but would work a deal for some help. We would go as far as letting you have it to promote for the rest of '14 & all of '15. Plus a story that includes '66 killer tornado, seeing all 3 of her kids becoming disabled before age of 50 in 3 separate ways. Also that darn car blows up on every family member who uses it. She is the only one who can drive it. Call me @ 662-578-1959 or her (Shirley) @ 662-578-2278 or email . Hope to hear from you, or by purchasing parts in the future. God Bless y'all, Happy Easter, best regards, Mel

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