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Introducing SuSTAYnable Vacationing [Infographic]

Introducing SuSTAYnable Vacationing [Infographic]

Dreaming of a vacation in the near future? You’re not alone! At least 136 million Americans plan to take at least one leisure trip over the next six months. Just in time for the summer vacation planning season, it’s time to think about trying something new this year: a suSTAYnable vacationing. It’s a new spin on staycations (a trip that focuses on day trips to local attractions), which were especially popular during the Great Recession.

Although our economy is improving, there’s still a constant increase in air fare, hotel and rental car prices. These costs have probably left you wondering about the dent your upcoming vacation is going to put in your wallet. But have you considered the seemingly unnoticeable environmental and economic impacts of a traditional vacation? Air travel alone accounts for 10% of all greenhouse gas emissions. Becoming a local tourist will reduce your carbon footprint while drastically decreasing travel costs. That means more money for flavorful food, entertaining attractions and nostalgic souvenirs. Not to mention you’ll be supporting the communities and businesses that help you thrive on a daily basis.

This infographic breaks down the positive impact of suSTAYnable vacations and explains why you should go green, save cash and stay at home sweet home.

Sustainable Vacationing Infographic


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