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Meet Rick Moyer!

Meet Rick Moyer!

Rick Moyer, CJ Product Development and Buyer, began his career at CJ Pony Parts in sales. Now, over nine years later, Rick not only knows CJ products inside and out, but he’s also become one of the “go-to” staff members for Mustang questions, concerns, and opinions. From his progression throughout CJ’s (you might have even noticed him on camera during some earlier CJ installation videos) and his devout passion for all things Mustang, the rest of us here at CJ’s decided to share some of his story.

At the age of 16, Rick stumbled across an Emerald Green 1991 Mustang coupe listed for sale in the local newspaper. While it didn’t necessarily live up to the 1994 body style that he had been hoping for, it was affordable and in great shape. Plus, a Mustang is a Mustang. This became his first Mustang, and over the years, Rick has added two more to his collection: a 1993 Calypso Green 5.0L and a 1990 Black GT. This lineup isn’t very surprising, as Rick states that the price and performance of the Fox Body, compared to their 80’s and 90’s rivals, is what initially drew him to the Mustang.

Rick’s 1993 Calypso Green 5.0L Mustang

Following his initial draw to Mustangs, Rick became interested in the power and performance of these muscle cars. Learning from his dad, uncle and grandpa (all of whom had Mustangs in the 60’s and 70’s), as well as internet forums like Corral and StangNet, Rick soon became skilled at making upgrades and modifications to his Fox Body Mustangs. When pressed to name the upgrade he’s most enjoyed on any of his cars, Rick says he has to go with the “5 Lug Swap.” It proved to be more of a difficult shop endeavor, especially finding all of the little components needed to make the swap, but the process and end result proved to be well worth it.

Rick, behind the wheel of his ’90 GT at Beaver SpringsBut it’s not just working on Mustangs, though, that Rick enjoys. He’s also made attending various shows and races a major part of his hobby. For example, he hasn't missed the annual Ford Carlisle event in fourteen years. The MCA 35th Anniversary show at the Barber Motorsports Park in Alabama was his favorite event to attend, closely followed by some NMRA events. Working at CJ’s has only furthered his passion for Mustangs, and Rick says the best part of his job is dealing Mustang parts and interacting with all sorts of people who share his enthusiasm. Whether it’s in interacting with vendors, valued CJ customers, or fellow employees, Rick is continually demonstrating his breadth of Mustang knowledge.

Enough about the past, what about the future? Rick says he’s most looking forward to the next generation Mustang; a completely new Mustang means a whole new catalog of parts for CJ’s, and a lot in the queue for Rick. Furthermore, Rick says a 2013 or 2014 GT might be making itself a nice new home in his own driveway by the end of summer. 

Rick and CJ’s Gotta Have It Street at the 34th Annual NMRA Ford Expo in Ohio


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