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CJ’s upgrades our Gotta Have It Race Mustang’s safety with a Roll Bar

CJ’s upgrades our Gotta Have It Race Mustang’s safety with a Roll Bar

If you remember, CJ Pony Parts' Gotta Have It Race 2013 Mustang GT reached 11.05 in it's last race of the 2012 season, which means it is required to have a major safety upgrade for the 2013 NMRA racing season: A Roll Bar.

NHRA & NMRA rules require roll bars in any car going faster than 11.49, which Gotta Have It Race crossed towards the end of the 2012 racing season. So, to make our Mustang legal for the 2013 season, we decided that it was time to install a new Maximum Motorsports roll bar. While our Gotta Have It Green powdercoated roll bar does look amazing, this upgrade is solely based on safety, which is important as we plan for our racing schedule for 2013.

Our Maximum Motorsports Drag Race Roll Bar not only provides more safety for Bill and Gotta Have It Race, but it also provides additional rigidity to the chassis. It features E-Z Remove style door bars, which help with side impact safety, but also can be removed by popping out two bolts, making it much easier for the driver and passenger to get in and out in non-racing situations. The roll bar's installation also allows the interior to remain intact, so you can still have a comfortable ride when you're off the track.

Each of Maximum Motorsports' Roll Bars come in unfinished, bare metal and bolt onto the chassis, with no welding required. However, the main hoop and rear supports do require welding to conform to NHRA/NMRA rules. After that, for a high quality finish, it's recommended that the roll bar be painted or powdercoated, then padded on spots that could come in contact with the driver. When we ordered our roll bar, we did have it powdercoated prior to installation and welding, but that was purely for the installation video, as we will be welding the main hoop and rear supports, then re-powdercoating the finished product to make sure everything is installed properly, compliant to NMRA/NHRA rules, and still looks amazing.

In the video, Bill shows us how to install the Maximum Motorsports Roll Bar onto Gotta Have It Race. It's a pretty complex job, requiring a solid 10 hours of work, assuming you can get some help from a few friends. In nearly 28 minutes, Bill gives a complete overview of the Maximum Motorsports roll bar and walks through each step of the installation, including some of the specific challenges for 2013 Mustang owners.

If you're involved in NHRA or NMRA racing, or just like to race for fun, this is likely an installation you've considered. Hopefully you find it much less intimidating after watching Bill install this on Gotta Have It Race, and you get moving on protecting yourself and your investment in your Mustang as you look towards the 2013 racing season.


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