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CJ Pony Service’s 1963 Falcon restoration goes home!

CJ Pony Service’s 1963 Falcon restoration goes home!

After two years of hard work, CJ Pony Service has completed a very involved restoration project on a rough looking 1963 Ford Falcon. The car came to CJ Pony Service during a blizzard on New Year's Eve 2009 and spent two years getting rebuilt from top to bottom.

This Falcon had been in the owner's family for several generations, being originally purchased by the owner's grandmother and passed down from there. When CJ Pony Service got the car, it needed some help! The three pictures below detail how bad of shape the car was in when it was assessed in early 2010.

1963 ford falcon restoration

1963 Ford Falcon Interior

Ford Falcon Floor Pan

Many, many parts had to be completely replaced, including the entire floor, the rockers, and torque boxes, many of which were fabricated by CJ Pony Service. After an exhaustive search, the missing fender was replaced with an original, while the quarter panels were also completely replaced. The picture below shows the new floor (before painting).

Ford Falcon Restoration

After all of the body was cleaned up, the car was completely refinished and repainted in the original glacier blue paint. The 1963 Falcon was just delivered to the customer today, which, coincidentally, was also her grandmother's birthday. It's pretty cool for the owner, and another project that CJ Pony Service can really be proud of! Take another look at the final project.

Restored Ford Falcon

1963 Ford Falcon




Fantastic restoration! I would love to see more photos! I am in the middle of restoring my 1963 Sprint Convertible now, and I can certainly appreciate the work you did on yours!

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