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Friday's Pony Trails Set New Records!

Friday's Pony Trails Set New Records!

When Pony Trails falls on a beautiful June day, we always expect a lot of Mustangs to show up. However, when it's very cloudy, cool and dreary (all week), like it was this year, we just don't really expect that massive turnout.

That made us even more blown away when 147 Mustangs joined us for the 16th annual Pony Trails on Friday, June 5!

Pony Trails 2015

As always, the day started early and Mustangs began to trickle into the lot before 7 a.m., with that trickle turning into a flood by 8:15 a.m. All of our parking lots were packed by 8:30, with Mustangs wrapping around CJ's old building. All in all, by the time the cruise hit the road at 9 a.m., we counted 147 Mustangs, which is a new record for the Pony Trails event! 

Throughout the morning, customers poured into the showroom, chatting with CJ's staff members and, of course, snagging a few new Mustang parts. Free coffee, orange juice and pastries were also a hot commodity. 

Pony Trails 2015Right around 9 a.m., after a short driver's meeting, CJ's Bill Tumas jumped behind the wheel of his 2015 Mustang GT and lead the way to Carlisle. The cruise took around 90 minutes and wound through some of Central PA's most scenic and beautiful back roads, before arriving at the Carlisle Fairgrounds for the All Ford Nationals.  

We thank each of the participants this year for joining us and taking part in our record breaking year! Stay tuned - our bigger summer event, Customer Appreciation Day 2015, is right around the corner. More details coming soon...


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