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Meet CJ Sales Rep Dan Graham

Meet CJ Sales Rep Dan Graham

It all started with one open house, one car and Dan was hooked for life.  Dan Graham, sales representative here at CJ Pony Parts, saw a 2008 Bullitt Mustang, which started his passion and love for Mustangs.

The Beginning of the End 

Growing up, Dan Graham was always into cars, but more so into German cars like Audis and BMWs--until his Dad bought a 2008 Bullitt Mustang.  In April of 2010, Dan and his dad came to an open house at CJ Pony Parts and they saw the beautiful car.  Later that day, they were driving it home.  This was the beginning of Dan’s love of Mustangs.

Living just 15 minutes away from CJ Pony Parts, made it that much easier for him to get hooked.  Dan’s family owns three Mustangs at the moment.  But that’s not enough!  They are always on the lookout for cars for sale and this spring, Dan wants to purchase a Fox Body Mustang.  He wants this car to be a project car...

“One that I can start building from scratch.” 

His First Mustang

After enjoying his dad's Bullitt for a few months, in September 2010, Dan bought his first Mustang; a 2006 V6, satin silver, 5-speed with the Pony Package.  While it is fun to drive and looks beautiful, he really wanted a car that was reliable enough to take him back and forth to college, and was fuel efficient; this was the car that fit perfectly for him. Being super fun to drive and being extremely good looking is just a plus for him. 

In the four years since he has had his V6 Mustang, Dan has shown it at each year’s Customer Appreciation Day hosted by CJ Pony Parts.  He has also done some Autocross and loved the experience of seeing all the different cars that came out to compete.

Dan Graham's 2010 V6 Mustang!

Also, in the last four years he has purchased and installed numerous parts on his V6. 

These parts include:

Working at CJs

Soon after purchasing his V6, in November 2010, Dan took a job here at CJ’s doing a variety of jobs in the warehouse; packing, pulling, shipping and receiving.  He has since received a promotion and is now in our sales and customer care department. He couldn’t be happier with the move!

All the customer and employee cars that come through CJ Pony Parts are always giving him new ideas for his car.  Dan’s favorite part working here at CJ Pony Parts, is listening to the customer’s fascinating stories.

“It makes coming to work fun!  Everything is interesting and extremely rewarding.”

More than just cars

When Dan is not doing school and working on his cars; he likes to work out, goes to the gun range and relaxes a lot.  Dan is currently a student at Penn State University working on his bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice, hoping to someday to work in law enforcement.  This May will be his graduation and we are all wishing him the very best in his success; in Mustangs and a career in law enforcement! 



I worked with Dan at CJ's, when he was actually a parts puller just as I was at the time. At that time it was all stock, and I got to see him add one of the first things to his car which was his exhaust. Its great to see how far his car has come, but also how far he has come on a personal level and also on a professional level at CJ Pony Parts! Keep up the good work!

Good for you Dan. I love Mustangs too.

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