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Bill Tumas weighs in on the 2015 Mustang unveiling

Bill Tumas weighs in on the 2015 Mustang unveiling

It’s December 6th and, if you are a Mustang enthusiast, you’ve already seen the all-new 2015 Mustang. Furthermore, you might have already made up your mind if you like the car or not.

The internet has been blowing up with opinions on both sides of the fence, even since some of the first renderings were made… but the one thing I can say for certain is that the vast majority of people who saw the car in person absolutely loved it. I'm one of those lucky people.

CJ Pony Parts was fortunate to get an invite to Ford’s official unveiling of the 2015 Mustang in Dearborn, Michigan, the birthplace of the Mustang. As we walked into the Ford Convention Center, where the unveiling was to take place, we were surrounded by a beautiful collection of Mustangs, ranging from the ‘62 Mustang 1 prototype to Bosses, Fox Bodies, Mach 1s, and even a Cobra II.

First Mustang ever soldThe very first Mustang that was ever sold was also on display, and the woman who purchased this first Mustang was introduced to the audience during the presentation. While these Mustangs were great to look at and we enjoyed networking with other car enthusiasts, we were there for one reason: To be some of the first lucky people to see the all-new 2015 Mustang.

After what seemed like hours, but was really only minutes, everyone was seated inside and the new Mustang was up on stage under a cover in front of us.

“It took nearly all of my restraint not to walk up and pull the cover right off…”

Mark Fields, COO of Ford Motor Company, took to the stage and, after a short speech, he introduced the new Mustang. Once the cover came off, the room seemed to erupt with excitement.

Removing the cover

“Let me just say: the pictures do not do this car justice, whatsoever.”

The lines and body shape are absolutely beautiful in person, and the details scream modern, while still retaining some of the classic influence. The most noticeable thing about the car is how wide and low it is, far lower and wider than the current generation.

Front end of the MustangThe interior is a work of art and easily the nicest stock Mustang interior yet. The inside features high quality materials everywhere, along with a nice array of toggle switches at the bottom of the center stack, right next to the start button. The 2015 Mustang is the first to offer the push-button start standard, which is sure to become a fan-favorite.

The specific 2015 Mustang unveiled in Dearborn was a GT, which featured an aggressive grill, hood, and front fascia. Most people who have been keeping up with the leaked photos online have mentioned the Fusion influence, but in person the front end is much wider and more aggressive.

“Aside from a similar headlight style, I did not think ‘Fusion’ at all in person.”

The stance is just right, and thankfully the familiar 4x4 Mustang stock look is long gone. The taillights are perfect as well, with enhanced depth and just screaming “Mustang.” These taillights seem to be a modern version of the 1970 lights.

“Overall, I think Ford nailed it.”

In my opinion, Ford built a car that still retains the heritage of the classic Mustang, while being the perfect modern platform to sell around the world. As always, there will be a long list of options, which allow the enthusiast to build the car exactly how they want.

“I’ll take my 2015 GT in Deep Impact Blue, please!”

Bill with the 2015 Mustang

For more photos from the event, check out our Facebook album



I wasn't sure about it when I saw the spy photos and such. When I saw the pics I really can't wait to see one up close and do a test drive.


Did I hear them correctly that it does not have a seperate front nose piece? The front fenders and nose are all one piece? Yikes on the replacement part price if you get minor front end damage. I'll keep my 2012 Boss 302 for now but at least it looks good.

IF you look closely at that picture there is a seam at the back edge of the headlight so I don't think its one piece.

Let me start off with this.
When I first saw photos of the 2003 and 2007 body styles I was not a big fan. But when I saw them in person they blew my socks off. Ultimately I ended up buying 1997, 1999 GT, 2003 GT droptop, and a 2007 GT.
Now I wish that could have kept them all. Just have the 2007 along with my 1970 restomod coupe.
I first thought that the 2015 front end looks like a Fusion but the rest of the car is sweet.
So I guess I will hold my judgement until I see one in person and I have the chance to drive it.

I have my 2012 Boss, it is the last Mustang I will buy. I have no interest in a dressed up Focus. Ford you failed horribly.

Love the new design at first sight! Probably only will get better in person. Change is good for the Mustang I think, the more European "global" design cues are great. Paddle shifters, independent rear, it's about time for those!

I have to admit, I really hammered the new looks of the Mustang on many forums. But, after seeing these pics, I'm warming up to the car and it's style. I accept that this is a modern Mustang and the lines do fit the times. Plus, there is still enough retro to let you know that this is a Mustang. Anytime one comes down the road in the future, it will be the only one to say "Mustang"! Give it time and maybe we'll start to love it. I hope the young folks buy them in large numbers - it's an American icon built in the USA - thank you Ford!

I so agree with John (12/9). I have my 2012 Mustang which turns heads here in New Zealand, and I love it. I have no interest in the new 2015 Mustang, as John said "dressed up Focus", or even worse it looks like a dressed up Fiesta. Many of us Mustang enthusiasts here in New Zealand feel the same way. What a shame.

If i wanted the new 2015 Mustang i would just buy a Fusion and weld the back doors shut. If this is the future of Ford and Mustangs, ill stick with my 66 K Code and my 75 F250.

Before I saw the new mustang my thought to have a 50th anniversary one to go along with my 66 coupe. Since I did not recognize the car immediately as a Mustang I will just stick with my classic. Made me sad!!

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