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The 2015 Mustang is Revealed!

The 2015 Mustang is Revealed!

After months of anticipation, rumors and spy shots, the all-new, completely redesigned 2015 Mustang just got leaked to the world, and the CJ Pony Parts team couldn't wait another minute to share all the details with you.

Here is the All-New 2015 Ford Mustang!

2015 Mustang

2015 Mustang

As you can see, nearly every inch of the 2015 Mustang is brand new. It's is much more sleek and European looking, which is fitting since the new 2015 Ford Mustang is destined to sell overseas in Europe, Japan and Australia. However, we love that it still maintains that distinct "Mustang" look, inspired by the past 50 years of Mustang styling.

Looking deeper at the design, the Mustang also picks up some of its styling cues from latest versions of the Ford Taurus and Ford Fusion, particularly in the front grille area. It also steals some design cues from the Evos concept that has been the basis for the 2015 Mustang design speculation for years. This gives the new 2015 Ford Mustang a distinct "Ford" look, yet the unique design shows it is clearly a Mustang.

In the rear, the new design is distinctly Mustang, with the tri-bar taillights and the Mustang logo. The new design looks much more familiar from the rear, and no one can doubt that it's a Mustang. It's also worth noting that this Mustang uses LED lighting extensively, inside and out.

Ford also brought back the fastback styling that was so prevalent in the 1960s and 1970s in the new Mustang. It features bulging rear fenders and much steeper angles on the windshield and rear window. The rear wheels were also pulled out by 20 mm to help create this look.

2015 Mustang

2015 Mustang suspension detailsMore Power & Less Weight

The new 2015 Mustang sits on the same 107 inch wheelbase as the current 2014 Mustang, but it's riding on an entirely new rear wheel drive platform that features an all-new Independent Rear Suspension, replacing the live axle, which ends it's 50 year run in the Mustang. The new Mustang has also dropped 200 pounds, through the use of much lighter materials and the overall smaller size. The new Mustang is 1/5th of an inch shorter, 1.5 inches wider, and 1.4 inches lower than the current Mustang though it might weigh as little as 3,100 pounds.

Both of the current engines, the 3.7L V6 and the 5.0L "Coyote" V8, have been revised for slightly more power and efficiency, as has both the manual and automatic transmissions. After lessons learned from the 2012-2013 Boss 302, Ford has made some changes to the Coyote V8, which will give it that power boost. See a few of the modifications:

  • Larger intake valves
  • Larger exhaust valvesCoyote V8 features
  • Revised intake camshafts
  • Revised exhaust camshafts
  • Stiffer valve springs – ensures that the valves close completely at high rpm
  • New cylinder-head casting – revised ports that provide a straighter path to the valves for less-restrictive intake and exhaust flow; combustion chamber modifications accommodate larger valves
  • Sinter forged connecting rods – lighter and more durable for high-rpm operation
  • Redesigned piston tops – deeper cutouts clear the new larger valves
  • Rebalanced forged crankshaft – supports higher-rpm operation

Ford is also introducing an all-new 2.3L EcoBoost 4 cylinder that's expected to slot below the V8 as the mid range engine option. With the additional power from each of these engines combined with the Mustang’s new weight loss, the 2015 Ford Mustang should be a beast on the track. We predict that it will likely outperform any straight-from-the-factory Mustang ever made! In fact, Ford claims it's already beaten a 2012 Boss 302.

The 2.3L EcoBoost is an expanded version of the 2.0L EcoBoost that's found in the Ford Focus ST. In that Ford model, it makes 252 horsepower, but the expanded version in the new 2015 Ford Mustang makes 305 horsepower and 300 ft/lbs of torque, more than the base 3.7L V6. Here's a few of the features of this engine:

  • Forged-steel crankshaft
  • Piston-Ecoboost detailscooling jets
  • Steel piston ring carriers
  • Premium bearing materials
  • Upgraded valve seat materials
  • Forged-steel connecting rods
  • High-pressure die-cast aluminum cylinder block with ladder-frame bearing caps
  • Deep-sump, die-cast aluminum oil pan

Only time will tell if U.S. consumers buy into the new EcoBoost in the Mustang. However, overseas, the 2.3L EcoBoost is easily going to be the mainstream engine, since the price of gas overseas is generally far higher and those buyers are far more accustomed to 4-cylinders in performance cars.

With either of these engines, not only will it outperform any Mustang ever made, but it's likely that the lower weight and additional power will combine to offer much better fuel economy. While the EcoBoost is rumored to be able to hit 40 mpg in the new Mustang, it's realistic that the V6 could see lower 30s per gallon and the V8 could see mid-20s. For a high performance muscle car, that's some incredible performance at the pump!

Ford plans an SVT-inspired performance model that will replace the GT500, though it seems unlikely that the 5.8 supercharged V8 will return, since it won't fit in the engine bay. The new power plant is unlikely to be supercharged and will likely feature less horsepower than the current GT500's 662 horsepower. However, combined with the lighter weight and better performance characteristics of the new Mustang, the new, as yet unspecified engine still might outperform the current GT500's. With the new SVT edition Mustang still a year away and only expected to release as a 2016 model, we'll have to stay tuned.


2015 Mustang interior

While much of the speculation regarding the new 2015 Mustang has focused on the exterior and performance, little has been said about the interior--until recently. Just a few weeks ago, a few spy shots were released, followed by the photos in today's unveiling.

Overall, the interior mixes some of the retro cues from the previous model with a whole lot of comfort and modern technology. The steering wheel looks somewhat familiar, though it does include a handful of new buttons for the radio and cruise control. There are also paddle shifters nearby for automatic equipped Mustangs. The new Mustang also features Ford's intelligent access system, which will unlock the car as you approach it, and a standard push button start system.

One of the interior options for the new Mustang is a heavily revised MyFord Touch system. In other Ford models, the MyFord Touch has come under fire for how difficult the touchscreen is to use, whereas the new system in the 2015 Ford Mustang seems to include real buttons instead of exclusively using the touch screen, which instantly makes the HVAC system and audio systems much easier to use. Launch Control is standard on all models as well, along with the Blind Spot Information System with Cross-Traffic Alert.

Overall, it seems like the new Mustang interior is heavily based on the Evos concept car, some of which was already implemented in the new Ford Fusion, which means it has already been tested and proven.

2015 Mustang

Revised Trims

As always, the mainstream trims for the new 2015 Ford Mustang will be the base, which will be V6 powered, and a GT, which will be V8 powered. It's uncertain where the new EcoBoost 4-cylinder will slot in, but Performance Packs are available for both the GT and 2.3L trims, giving buyers numerous performance upgrades that includes 15-inch brakes, a first for the Mustang.

The GT500 has been confirmed as being dead for the 2015 model year and beyond. However, it seems like one or more of the GT350, Cobra or Mach 1 names are coming back for 2016. The Shelby name has been spotted on the 2015 Mustang body code sheet provided to dealers, which almost guarantees that model will be available for 2015-2016, though Ford also recently trademarked the Mach 1 name, which adds additional fuel to this speculation. While these upgraded performance models haven't been tied to an engine, it's been speculated that an EcoBoost version of the Coyote V8 would work well, as would a more powerful version of the current GT500 engine paired with the lighter design of the new Mustang.


The price of the 2015 Ford Mustang will start at about the same point, around $23,000 for a base version. That will get any potential Mustang owner a pretty well equipped, powerful and fuel efficient muscle car. This allows Ford to reach a whole new audience with the Mustang--a younger generation that's looking for power, performance and comfort at a very reasonable price.

However, once buyers start optioning out their new 2015 Mustangs, the cost can get significantly higher. It's expected that, whichever version(s) of the GT350, Mach 1 and Cobra that is released will cost 10% more than the current GT500, which is already quite pricy. While this pushes these models out of the hands of the same buyers that Ford is targeting with the new Mustang, the usage of modern materials and technology in the construction of these high performance models certainly will make it worth it for those can that afford them.

2015 Mustang

Debut/Launch Timeline

Following today's unveiling, the new 2015 Ford Mustang is expected to hit the auto show circuit before being released on April 17, 2014, which will coincide with the Mustang's 50th anniversary. There is also expected to be a limited, 1000 car release of a 2014.5 version of the new design, which will be a special collectors edition paying homage to the original 1964.5 Mustang. The regular 2015 Mustang should be readily available on dealer's lots by the summer.

Now that we've finally seen the new Mustang, CJ Pony Parts is going to be hard at work with many of our vendors to get the first 2015 Mustang aftermarket parts that hit the market. We will have them for you, along with any additional news about the new 2015 Mustang that might be released.

Keep checking the CJ Pony Parts blog for the latest 2015 Ford Mustang news and updates!

Source: Motor Authority / StangTV / Ford

2015 Mustang



Looks pretty good to me. Can't wait to see what Roush, Saleen, etc. do with it. IRS FTW!

I'd be really excited to get a turbocharged EcoBoost model in Guard! The 6th gen looks amazing to me and I can't wait to see one in person!

I understand the changes as Ford want to hit world wide and to recycle part thru different models and to maximize design. But I will stick with my 2013 Boss 302 SBY.

Awesome! Can't wait to see one in person.

After 50 years of innovations, ford still couldn't move the cup holders out of the way for your arm during shifting.

cup holders are a luxury in muscle cars, we should be lucky they have them at all. where else would you put them?

Agreed ^

Why does everyone think they have to have stupid cup holders in a Mustang anyways

I own a 1965 and 2014 roush and the 2015 is very disappointing in the exterior!

What the hell was they thinking .... This new mustang looks like shit. Why would they do that on the 50th. There was nothing wrong with the way it was.


Looking Different I agree - But missing 2 key styles - The side c stripe and the retro front face which has turned into a Euro Face - Interior looks Great, Rear end is Nice - tech upgrades are greatly appreciated - that front end really looks like fusion/focus - the 2013-14 front end is much more aggressive - but thats life - i'll keep my 65 model - perhaps the europeans will love this new mustang :).

I don't think so...the europeans that imported mustang until now love mustang because it is an american muscle car...the new 2015 mustang is not so "american"...

It looks like a 1990 Toyota Celica.

spot on

The exterior has too much redesign which makes it not look like a modern Mustang should look like, but looks like a different brand of a car, but only has a horse logo which separates the car from looking like a different brand.

I own a 2010 GT if I could afford a 2015 I buy one I think its an awesome looking automobile

The more I look at it, the more I love it. I was originally on the fence, with regards to the headlights and front end, but the silver Mustang Commercial made me drool. I can only hope that the right-hand-drive version for Australia is released at the same time as North America, sales wise, and I hope it's at least cheaper than our locally made Ford Falcon, which it will replace. Price is important too, as currently the cheaper Asian and European cars sold in Australia, are out selling our soon to be departed Falcon.

It looks like a mazda 6 2014, all mustangs should be more stronger

You can always increase hp in the 5.0 currently. The new v8 is confined to size and cannot be modified to produce more hp Ford has rescinded mustang and gone family car. Good bye to real muscle. I will keep my 2012 5.0 in my collection. Maybe corvette is my new addition for 2015!

As a multiple Mustang owner since 1969 and still the original owner of a '69 Boss as well as a '12 Boss LS, I think Ford did a superb job on the '15. Have to get a convertible for a cruiser. I think the front and rear ends are gorgeous and screen Mustang. Performance should be a real step up. Hello 15" Brembo's, IRS, less weight, wider rear track and suspension programming! Sure wish they were doing a GT500.

Overall nice job on the gen 6! Strong looks up front but the rear is a little lacking looks like a Celica from the '90's. Also not sure about the lack of any bumper shelf but perhaps it's all part of the aero package. Great to finally see the IRS,hopefully it will still launch hard! Also aplaud Ford for their commitment to the V8 while introducing a truly revolutionary engine in the Eco boost 4 cyl which has the potential to be a best seller. Well Done!!

I live in Perth Western Australia and currently own a 1969 Mach 1. I really like the new styling that has been created into the new 2015 Mustang, cannot wait to see them here in Australia.

As a current owner of a 66' 289 coup, and a 68' 302 fastback, I am excited with the new design and upgrades. I have owned an 88' 5.0 and a 94' 5.0, which is to say like my women, I love different models. I plan on adding a 2015 to my collection of ponies.

Think it looks great but from a UK perspective people like Mustangs because they don't look like a European car. Actually I think it looks like many Japanese coupes but bigger. Which leads me to size, is it really wider than the current car? If it is that's a big deal for keen drivers here who like driving the twisty more scenic routes, no fun in something too wide. I suppose that's the problem trying to make one car for different markets. They have got the engine choice right in the UK though, V8 for credibility, ecoboost necessary to get enough sales.

Mustang 2 wrapped in 90 celica,,ugh

What a shame.
New 5.8 motor for 2013 and already it no longer has a home.
The 2015 is wider, but there's no room for it?
Don't make no sense.
Seen this time and again with Ford developing new motors with only the lifespan of a fruit fly.
GM and Chrysler have never been guilty of this to such a degree.

The 2015 Mustang has lost it's classic look and looks like every other late model car. I own a Classic 1968 Mustang coup and bought a 2010 only because it has the look of the Classics. The new Mustang has lost that look.

The more I see this new Euro look, the more I love my 2004 40th Anniversary and my 1986 GT with T-tops. I love Mustangs and have owned them for over 10 years. The new one lost it's sinister looks. The Mustang needs to stay American and not look like a Volvo. I hope the new car does not turn into a Mustang II;). Remember those? On a positive note, there are many welcomed features such as IRS, nicer interiors, and better brakes. The new look works on the Taurus and Fusion, but not the Mustang. Maybe I will change my mind when I see it in person.

Car desing is pretty but can be a also a Hyundai a Volvo coupe or new a Aston Martin. I`m Argentinean, I was living in US and now in France. In Europe people is FANATIC of the American Muscle Cars and mustang 4 and 5 generations made a revival from the Ponys(I have a 95 and a 99). Ford plan to sell this car in Europe too, they just traying to take advantage from the generation 5 succede making a more economic and European car. Now Mustang is a strong name and for think in sell more. Nothing new really, is not going to be any more so American like the 70 or 00 generations in my opinion.

Car is gorgeous, got a sweet ass on her. Dash and console flow reminds me of a 67-8, and the C scoop on the side was lost in 69-73 and nobody argues those cars don't look like Mustangs. It's nose is aggressive, looks like overall the car will easily hit 200mph now after Shelby American does it's thing. She'll be a hit once everyone drives one and waxes the current model year at the track.

It can't stay the same forever. There's people that like one body style over the other. I like the 2011-12 personally but I also like the tail end of the 13-14. I also like the 94-95. I hate the fox body and don't like 99-03 body. The 2015 works in a world wide level. I'll probably get one some day.

I see Ford Motor Company has just introduced another everyday Japanese tuner car to the public. This 2015 Mustang does not say Mustang. It's a want to be Mustang, like the 1974 Mustang II. I'm not impressed at all with the 2015 Mustang. Carroll Shelby Would turn over in his grave, if he knew what Ford did to the Mustang. There will never be a 2015 Mustang in my garage.

I honestly like the looks of my 2008 Pony convertible much better; and I still get lot of complements on it.

The side view and rear view is awesome but the front is messed up. Keep the sharp muscle car look, I've got an 09 pony that I love, it gets compliments everywhere I go.

My only ding on the new 2015 Mustang is that the grille appears to be too "Euro" and more akin to the Ford Taurus. The Mustang's nose is what for over fifty years has made it stand out and has given it that distinct "Pony" look when viewed head on. I know Ford could not sit idle wanting to release this vehicle worldwide but that's why they are producing a Turbo 2.3 engine for it. I'm sure the aftermarket folks will address this issue as will Ford Racing post haste. gotta be impressed!

Hey, you used to write amazing, but the last couple of posts have been kinda boring I miss your tremendous writings. Past couple of posts are just a little out of track! come on! gaekckgeakad

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