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CJ Pony Parts Scholarship Contest Winners

Every year, CJ Pony Parts offers two $500 scholarships to students who will be attending college next semester. We host a video contest each semester and select the best video as the winner.

Students are asked to create a short video using one of these topics:

  • What it means to live in America
  • My first memory of a Mustang
  • How the auto industry changed America
  • What a Mustang teaches me about life
  • How a Mustang relates to your field of study

Every semester we have an abundance of amazing videos come from some extremely talented and creative students! This made it very difficult to pick a winner. However, there is always one that stands out from the rest. Check out the past winning entries below!

Fall 2016 Winner: Jennifer Bolaski

For the Fall 2016 semester, we had more entries than ever before for the CJ Pony Parts Video Scholarship Contest. However, Jennifer Bolaski's video stood out from the rest. Between her Mustangs Blue Ford and Blue Ford II and passion for her education in becoming a School Counselor, it really was a no-brainer! You can check out her video below. Congrats, Jennifer!

As for the rest of the submissions for Fall 2016, it was an incredibly tough decision. Thank you to all those who submitted and if you didn't win this semester, there will always be another shot next semester! Good luck and we look forward to seeing your submissions!

Spring 2016 Winner: Mustang Music by Shelbie Rassler

Shelbie Rassler made an entire piece of music using ONLY sounds from a Mustang. She did this to show how a Mustang relates to her field of study, which is music. Here’s what she said about her video:

“As a musician, I thought it would be really interesting and exciting to create an entire piece of music solely out of sounds I recorded from a Mustang. These included hitting the tires for a bass drum, rattling the keys for a snare drum, the blinker as a hit hat, the beeping seatbelt warning as the melody, the low rumble of the engine as the main bass line, and other sound effects such as closing the car door and trunk, the moving of the windshield wipers, and turning over the engine. I then used the music editing software Logic Pro X to trim the sounds and organize them, resulting in the piece you are about to hear!”

What a creative and cool idea! Not to mention, it turned out to be a pretty cool song from a great-looking car. Congrats to Shelbie — no relation to Shelby Mustang designer Carroll Shelby, I’m sure — for winning the CJ Pony Parts scholarship from this amazing video!

Fall 2015 Winner: Matthew Pryor

We had a lot of great submissions for the Fall 2015 semester, but there was no doubt that the work and creativity shining from Matthew's video made it rise to the top of the stack. Matthew's video is on "What It Means To Be An American." With a whimsical approach to this contest, Matthew nailed it with his video - check it out!

How To Apply

Are you a college student or do you know one who’s looking for a scholarship? You can apply for the CJ Pony Parts Video Contest Scholarship right here! The deadlines are April 15 and October 15 every year, so make sure you get your video ready for the next one. You might just be the next winner.


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