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v6 mustang parts guide

A Complete Guide to Powerful Mustang V-6 Mods

For 50 years, Ford has graced the auto industry with its famous heavy breathing, powerful Mustang V8 muscle cars. And through the years, technology has changed with the times. Heavy-breathing, gas-guzzling motors are no longer required to achieve respectable high-performance. Ford’s 2015 V6 Mustang is a testament to that fact. A drivetrain with plenty of power for the car enthusiast – and a comfortable price tag – the V6 Mustang Ford is proof that times have changed.

Ambition for the V6 Mustang  

The 2015 V6 Mustang is a fun-to-drive Mustang that won't hit you hard in the wallet. With sticker prices under $30,000, the V6 Mustang is a perfect car for someone looking to save at the gas pump while enjoying power like a V8. On top of that, insurance companies tend to like the sound of a V6.

In the past, Mustang V6 or I-4 models were considered unworthy of any power upgrades. But today’s technology has greatly broadened not only for the bigger V-8s, but also for the smaller V6s and I-4s. The automotive companies and aftermarket industries are successfully giving V6 and I-4 owners the opportunity to soup them up – and have just as much fun as the V8 owners.

And why not? With the right Mustang V6 mods and the right knowledge, any Mustang owner can turn his V6 into a V8 killer. There are plenty of parts available to make upgrades that will ensure your V-6 doesn't get left behind.

V6 Mustang in Stock Form

stock v6 mustang

Before any Mustang V6 mods are installed, you’re driving a car that produces 300-hp @ 6500-rpm and 280-lb-ft of torque @ 4000-rpm, all of which comes out of a 3.7-liter Duel Over Head Cam (DOHC) engine with Variable Valve Timing. The engine is mated up to either a standard six-speed manual transmission or an optional SelectShift 6-speed automatic transmission with paddle shifting abilities. To get that power off the line quickly, you have a 3.55 gear ratio that is bolted into a limited-slip rear-axle. The nice thing about the impressive stock set-up is that you receive an EPA-estimated MPG of 17 city/28 highway.

Ford gives all of the 2015 Mustang models front double-ball-joint MacPherson struts with a stabilizer bar. New in the back this year is an integral-link independent rear-suspension with coil springs and stabilizer bar. Even though this gives the Mustang a more comfortable ride and better traction abilities than in previous years, there are various types of Mustang V6 mods that can be purchased and installed to better control these driving factors.

V6 Mustang Modification Guide

There's more than enough power to have plenty of fun with in a stock V6, or you can seek an aftermarket Ford parts dealer like CJ Pony Parts to help squeeze even more power out of the V6. If you do so, you will keep up with the bigger V8s, or perhaps even show them up.

Exhaust System

v6 mustang exhaust

When thinking about mods for Mustang V6, an exhaust system is a great place to start. An exhaust system will not only make your car sound a lot better, but it also helps get you more horsepower. Most stock exhaust systems are designed for pollution control, but being engineered for that reason doesn’t allow them to perform very well when it comes to getting optimal power out of the engine. When your engine is suffocated by a small exhaust, you are not only losing horsepower, you’re also hurting gas mileage.

The reason for this loss in horsepower and gas mileage decrease is something called back pressure. All exhaust systems have some amount of back pressure, but stock or smaller exhaust systems tend to create too much. And too much causes the engine to have a hard time getting rid of the exhaust from the cylinder before the next cycle of fuel comes in. This causes improper cylinder firing and can rob you of your precious horsepower and gas mileage.

If you're looking for an exhaust system that can help you correct your back pressure problems and give you a better sound, you need to seek aftermarket help. CJ Pony Parts offers exhaust system parts, such as an axle-back 2-1/2-inch exhaust that also comes with 4-1/2-inch tips to fill out the Mustang exhaust cut outs on a 2015 V6 Mustang.

Cold Air Intake

v6 mustang cold air intake

Another place that always suffers from suffocation at the hands of the engineers is the air flow system. Most stock air flow systems have small-breathing intake hosing. The air filter itself is restricted and is sometimes boxed in, which makes it very hard for an engine to breathe. As you know, air is one of the most important things an engine needs to create power. If you can free up the air flow to your engine, you can free up horsepower and engine responsiveness.

Not taking this V6 Mustang modification seriously makes the engine work hard for air and could prevent other horsepower upgrades you have installed from performing at their peak potential. The best reason to do this upgrade is because it’s affordable – and it’s also one of the easiest parts to install on any vehicle.

Throttle Body

The throttle body is also one of the most important Mustang V6 mods. It’s fairly easy to install as well. If you are going to add a cold air intake, a bigger throttle body is essential because it controls how much air is going to go into the intake, and into the fuel air mixture. If you have a bigger one of these installed, you will notice an amazing increase in throttle responsiveness, and you can also enjoy an 8-12-hp increase. Again, if you don't have a cold air intake installed, there won't be a way for air to access the throttle body to work at its full potential.

We offer a 73mm Power Plus throttle body from the well-respected BBK corporation. It's designed to work with all of your stock OEM parts and computers. But this is not only a modified stock throttle body, it also features 356 aluminum casting and is machined to perfectly fit Ford specifications and give the V6 Mustangs optimal performance.

We also offer an Airaid PowerAid throttle body spacer that works seamlessly with the stock or the BBK throttle body. This spacer uses a “Helix Bore” to help create a spinning action in the throttle body’s air flow and then sends it to the combustion chamber along with the fuel. This creates a much better throttle response from 800 to 2500 RPMs.

SCT X4 Power Flash Computer Programmer

A computer programmer is one of the most valuable tools a car enthusiast can have, especially if he is going to add upgrades to his vehicle. Your 2015 V6 Mustang will come with a computer that is tuned to perform at a high level, but definitely not at its peak level.

On top of that, when you start adding V6 Mustang mods, your computer won't know that you added them – and it could hurt the performance of those add-ons. A SCT X4 Power Flash Computer Programmer will fix that problem. You can use the programmer to delete speed limiters, adjust shift points, change for stronger shifts (automatic only), adjust fuel/air mixture, adjust for better gas mileage, adjust the cooling fan, change the computer for gear ratio or tire change and much, much more.

There's no limit to the fun you can have with your Mustang when you learn how to use a SCT X4 Power Flash Computer Programmer. These programmers come equipped with features that can help amateurs and experienced car enthusiasts alike get the best tune possible. Pre-tuned settings will help those who aren't sure of their tuning skills and don't want to mess anything up. They also allow you to back-up factory settings, which can be stored and recalled at any time and for any reason. You can even use the programmer to detune the Mustang if someone like your teenager is going to have access to the car.

CJ Pony Parts has these computer programmers in stock, ready for same day shipping on orders placed before 5:00 p.m. We also offer free shipping on these programmers, just as we do on many of our parts.

Suspension Upgrades

mustang v6 suspension

Suspension upgrades may not initially add horsepower to your 2015 V6 Mustang, but they can help by connecting the power to the ground for the best traction possible. With an set of springs from Eibach, you will gain a lot of extra traction. The first thing you will notice is the lower, aggressive look that a lot of car enthusiasts admire. Even a simple one-inch drop can drastically change the way the whole car looks.

With a springs upgrade, a cool look won't be the only thing you will gain. A lowered car gives you a lower center of gravity, which will help you while hitting corners at higher speeds. You will also notice less squat in the rear end when taking off from a dead stop or accelerating hard at a low speed. This can help with traction and provide improved quarter-mile times. It works both ways as well; when you hit the brakes hard at a high-speed with stock springs, you experience a hard nosedive. A spring upgrade will help stop that and also give you more control during your stop.

Pairing nicely with springs, aftermarket sway bars are a huge bonus. Sways bars will help keep the vehicle tighter and help prevent body roll. They're also from Eibach and come in a powder coated red finish with three different adjustable positions. If you decide you want both, a set of springs and sway bars, we offer them in a kit bundle with instructions included.

Wheels and Tires

v6 mustang wheels

Wheels and tires are like suspension: they don't add power, but they can help control the power. If you only have a set of stock tires, you may have a hard time keeping control of your upgraded V6 Mustang. Getting traction through hard acceleration, keeping control through hard braking and hitting corners with precision will be a lot easier and safer with the right set of tires.

The tires that come on the stock V6 Mustang are good for average driving duties, but if you're going to try to put it to the test – or push it to the limit – you need the proper set of tires. Adding a set of aesthetically pleasing wheels to your order is only a bonus for the look of your Mustang, but the tires are a must.

CJ Pony Parts can help you find a set of tires that are designed for the racing and driving you want to do. Our friendly and educated staff will help you determine which set of tires best fits your needs, so you can be safe while performing at the optimal level. Without proper tires, pushing your Mustang beyond the limit of what a stock setup is designed for can be dangerous – to you, your passengers, other drivers and bystanders.

Build Your V6 to Run Like a V8

Just because you own a V6 Mustang doesn't mean you should feel underpowered. The technology is out there, and it’s just waiting to be tapped into. With updated mods for V6s, you can take on some of the bigger motor cars and make them stare in disbelief as you pass them by. With our parts inventory and knowledgeable staff, we believe your options are limitless.  

At CJ Pony Parts, we believe in giving you access to the things you need to allow your car make the power you want. Contact us and let us be your V6 Mustang modification guide. We take every customer as seriously as the next. Whether you’re buying a set of floor mats or you’re looking to make a significant Mustang overhaul, we're here for you.

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