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Restyle your interior with TMI's new Sport R500 upholstery!

Restyle your interior with TMI's new Sport R500 upholstery!

The factory upholstery in our 2011 Mustang isn't bad, but it certainly isn't the most comfortable and supportive we've sat in. It also isn't the most stylish. However, once we saw the new Sport R500 upholstery from TMI, we knew we'd found the perfect upgrade.

2011 Mustang with TMI's new Sport R500 upholstery.

TMI's Sport R500 upholstery just hit the market this fall. It features dramatic, race inspired styling that contrasts significantly with the bland stock styling in the stock 2011 Mustang. This upholstery features durable vinyl construction with black UniSuede inserts and rally stripes that can be ordered in a wide variety of colors, including white, red, blue, black, grabber blue or gray, with more color options on the way. The stitching matches the stripes for a perfect finished look.

The set also includes new seat foam, which features huge side bolsters to give our new seats a true race inspired feel. This new Sport R500 upholstery and seat foam have been described as near Recaro seats in terms of comfort and support, for much less than half of the cost, which gives you an idea of how cost effective, yet well designed and constructed they truly are.

TMI Sport R500 sitting outside of our 2011 Mustang.Available Options

Kits are available just for front buckets or to fully replace all of the upholstery in your Mustang's coupe or convertible. The front buckets get new seat foam, while the new Sport R500 rear seat upholstery uses the existing foam. While the front bucket kit is great for those who've removed their rear seats, if your backseat is still installed, CJ's always recommends installing a full set to get a perfectly matched interior.

At this point, kits are available for the following Mustangs:

More products are being added regularly on CJ Pony Parts' website for earlier model years - keep checking the Mustang upholstery section for the latest additions.


In the installation video, Bill guides you through the whole process of transforming your interior. It's honestly not as hard as you might think. One of the big pluses of this installation is that you can reuse the seat frames that are currently in your Mustang, which makes adding and removing the seats much easier. Our 2011 Mustang also has heated seats, seatbelt sensors, and side airbags that are each integrated with the seat frames. Since we're able to continue to use the factory frames with our new TMI upholstery, we don't have to go through the hassle of figuring out how to move all of those components to new frames, and we don't lose any of the safety and convenience features these electronics add.

While Bill goes into much greater detail in the video, here's a general overview of this process for our 2011 Mustang. The first step is disassembly. The seat frames get removed from the car, and the top and bottom get detached from each other, being careful to not damage the wiring or the airbag. The old upholstery and foam gets completely removed and set aside, while the headrest frame needs the foam cut completely off, so you're just left with the frame there, too. That headrest frame gets inserted back into the seat frame, which then forms the top part of the hi-back foam when you install it. The seat upholstery gets slid overtop of the foam on both the top and bottom parts of your seat, which might be the most complicated part of the process, being that the new upholstery fits very tightly. Watch as Bill demonstrates some tips and tricks to make this happen easier.

After a little bit of wrestling and tugging, you'll reattach the top and bottom parts of your seats, leaving you with a beautiful completed product. These seats look absolutely gorgeous in our 2011 Mustang. As we've driven the car, they've broken in well and gotten even more comfortable, making them an upgrade we definitely don't regret.

If upholstery is on your upgrade list, we highly recommend this product from TMI. They're easy to install (at least as far as upholstery installs go), they look amazing and they offer race-inspired styling and performance. Order yours today or leave us a comment if you have any questions!


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