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SCT launches their next generation tuner with the X4!

SCT launches their next generation tuner with the X4!

Many of you came to know and love your SCT X3 Power Flash Programmer over the years, but it was looking a little outdated compared to the competition. SCT saw that and took the best features from the X3, tossed in some great new technology and user-friendliness and created the all-new X4!

SCT Tuners have always been the Mustang, Focus ST and F-150 EcoBoost owner's go-to method for maximizing the performance from their vehicle, all while increasing the fuel economy. With this new version, SCT has gone even further, allow you to unlock the full potential of your engine - and the new additions to the X4 make it so much easier to do that.

While there have been lots of big additions to the X4, some of the biggest changes from SCT include:

  • Built in WiFi connectivity, so you can easily update the device.
  • Now holds up to 10 custom tunes, so you can have the perfect tune for any occasion, right at your fingertips.
  • Features a full color LCD display - a HUGE appearance upgrade over the X3.
  • New, compact design, making it much smaller than the previous version.
  • Ability to monitor your vehicle's PCM data on screen in real time, or with SCT's LiveLink data logging software that's built into the tuner.

Bill takes a look at each of these new features as he demonstrates how well the new SCT X4 Power Flash Programmer works on our 2011 Mustang GT.

The all-new SCT X4 programmer has many other great features that you've already become familiar with from their previous versions, including:

  • Reads/clears engine trouble codes.
  • Allows the user to adjust vehicle parameters.
  • Backs up your factory tune.
  • Easy connectivity to your car via the included cable to the OBDII port and to your computer via included USB cable.

With every SCT X4 tuner, CJ Pony Parts will include one free, custom tune for your Mustang, Focus ST or F-150 EcoBoost. Beyond that, over one dozen of user adjustable options exist within the SCT X4, so you can tweak that tune or even develop your own.

The SCT X4 Tuner is available in several versions from CJ Pony Parts:

Please note: The SCT X4 tuner is mated to the car, so if you have more than one of these models, you would need an individual tuner for each vehicle.

If you're looking for the latest programmer on the market, look no further than the X4 Power Flash Tuner from SCT. With these new features built into an already strong product, it's the best yet!

The SCT X4 Tuner


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