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Employee Spotlight

Meet CJ Employee, Brad Sholly

The first time Brad Sholly, known as B-rad to fellow employees, heard the raspy purr of a Mustang, he felt that "lets ride" feeling that we all get when we ride free in the wind. He was hooked for life from then on out.  

It started at Palmyra High School, where one of Brad's buddies drove nothing but Mustangs. "He wouldn't drive anything else!" The love grew then, with the engines roaring and the windows down everyday after school. The sound alone drew him into the love of the cars. 

His First GT

So it goes to show how proud Brad was when, 5 years ago, on his 18th birthday, he purchased his first Mustang. It is a 2003, GT with the color of anthracite grey that sparkles in the parking lot here at CJ Pony Parts.  His favorite part of his car is the long shifter. It gives the car a very unique feel to it.

Even though Brad does not show his car off at local car shows, for three years shortly after he purchased the car, he started going to Dairy Queen in Palmyra for cars to meet and greet. He did this a few times a month.  "It was so much fun talking to the different people and looking at all the nice cars everyone brought out." 

In the past 5 years Brad has kept perfecting his GT beauty with the follow parts from CJ Pony Parts:

Brad with his Mustang!Currently in Brad's life

Brad now lives on Jonestown Road here in Harrisburg, with his beautiful new wife, April. He has been working at CJ Pony Parts for over two years now. He started as receiver in the warehouse, but now, he ships, pulls parts, and receives. "Wherever we need help, I'm there."  When asked what his favorite part about working at CJ Pony Parts his response was his co-workers. "Everyone is so fun to work with. They are all just great people." 

When Brad isn't working at CJ Pony Parts, he works on his GT, tinkers with his truck, Which is a 1977 F250 High Boy, and rides on his 2003 Super Glide Harley Davidson.  When he isn't doing any of this, Brad loves to hang out with his wife. In five years, he wants to have his own house with a garage where he can easily work on his all his vehicles.  


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