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CJ's keeps upgrading our Focus ST with parts from COBB and Ford Racing!

CJ's keeps upgrading our Focus ST with parts from COBB and Ford Racing!

Since our last Ford Focus ST update, Bill and the team have been hard at work adding quite a few parts to our 2014 Focus ST, including a new short throw shifter, cold air intake and an updated tune. See how to do this to your Focus ST and how this has helped our car.

Ford Racing Short Throw Shifter

If you've ever driven a car with a factory manual shifter, we're sure you're familiar with the vague, mushy feeling that most of these shifters provide. However, it doesn't have to be that way - just add a new short throw shifter! For our 2014 Focus ST, we added the Ford Racing Short Throw Shifter, which offers 18% shorter shifts and a much better feel than the factory unit. It's also designed with a factory look, so you aren't disrupting the look of your Focus' interior.

Bill took some time to install this Ford Racing shifter into our Focus ST recently. With a direct bolt-on installation, it's a very simple process with a huge upside that you'll appreciate every time you make a shift.

COBB Cold Air Intake

One of the standard upgrades for any performance car is a cold air intake. While there is much debate over whether it offers any performance benefit or not, we certainly appreciate the better sound it gives our cars. With our 2014 Ford Focus ST, we turned to the COBB Cold Air Intake System. COBB's system takes the unique cold air intake system design in the Focus ST and makes it look and sound even better.

In our Focus ST, Bill found that the COBB system is very easy to install. Once it was installed, we realized how much better our Focus ST sounded and, once we took it down to the dyno at InTune Autoworks, we even picked up a tiny bit of power. Bill shares about this in the video from the dyno.

COBB Accessport Tuner

With all of these new parts on our 2014 Focus ST, our next step is to get it tuned. While we had previously installed a SCT tune, but we found out that it is a little limiting, especially with all of the customization we've already done to the car. Therefore, we thought we'd utilize COBB's Accessport Tuner. With access to COBB's map database, we could find the perfect tune that would take advantage of each of the modifications on our Focus. Bill also found out that tuning the Focus with the COBB Accessport Tuner is easy, too, and he shows you how, step-by-step.

After getting the car tuned, it was time to head back to the dyno! Bill and the team wanted to put the new COBB Accessport Tuner through its paces, and they tested the Stage 1, Stage 2 and Stage 3 tunes on the dyno to see what kind of results the different tunes gave us on our Focus ST. Watch the video to see the results.

While we've been busy with our 2014 Focus ST, we're just getting started. We have plenty of other mods in mind, so keep checking our YouTube channel and our blog for more updates!


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