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Add Bilstein Struts & Shocks for an Exceptional Mustang Suspension

Add Bilstein Struts & Shocks for an Exceptional Mustang Suspension

Many car owners buy new springs for the look, yet forget about upgrading their shocks and struts, as well. This can result in poor ride quality, so it's a good idea to upgrade all suspension components at once. If you're making performance upgrades to your 2005-2010 V6/GT Mustang or your 2007-2014 GT500, we have the perfect shocks and struts kit from Bilstein to round out and further enhance your suspension. 

Bilstein's B6 HD Strut and Shock Kit is a full damper kit that will provide the absolute best in handling and create a balanced, smooth drive for your Mustang. Developed for street applications, this Bilstein Kit will enhance the suspension's stability and make for the ultimate in comfort for both daily and weekend driving. Also, new struts and shocks will provide additional traction, allowing your Mustang to perform better for those occasional track outings.

Installing the Front Struts and Shocks

The installation of these struts and shocks can be completed in an afternoon, and with Bill's step-by-step instructions in our recent CJ installation video, you can tackle this project with ease. The first step will be to lift your Mustang off of the ground and remove the front wheels. When this is completed, you'll want to remove the sway bar end link from the factory strut, followed by the brake line. 

Bilstein Struts and ShocksNext, remove the Christmas tree clip for the ABS line and add some support to the lower control arm before removing the bolts that hold the strut to the spindle. Now, you can begin to remove all the four strut nuts located on top of the strut tower. Make sure to hold on to the assembly before removing the last nut, and then carefully lower the strut assembly out from underneath your Mustang. 

The only thing Bill will need to carry from the factory struts to the new Bilstein Struts are our Eibach Sportlline Springs that we've previously installed. It's at this point that you might want to consider upgrading your coil springs to Eibach, as we've been highly impressed with the stance of our 2011 Mustang with them installed. This is also a great opportunity to upgrade your factory strut mounts to the heavy duty GT500 mounts.

Next, you'll add the new strut to your Mustang, making sure to keep the arrow on the strut mount face outward, towards where the strut mounts to the spindle. Return the spindle back into place on the strut, reconnect the ABS and brake lines, followed by the sway bar and lastly, the tire. Repeat this process on the other side, and you can then move on to the rear set.

Rear Struts and Shocks to Complete Your Installation

To begin the rear shock installation, you'll need to remove the top shock nuts. These are located behind the side panels in your trunk, and it's best to remove both at the same time while you're working in that area. After this, place the car back up into the air, support the rear end assembly, and remove the bolt that's located next to your sway bar and pointed out by Bill in our install video.

However, you'll first need to remove the end links for the sway bar, allowing it to swing down and giving you access to remove the bolt. Install the lower washer and lower bushing, and secure into place your rear Bilstein shock. Return the bolt, and replicate this process on the other side of your Mustang.

Place your sway bar back to its correct location and then return to the trunk area to install the nuts on top of your shocks. When this is finished, your installation is complete!

When choosing which struts and shocks to use in the suspension upgrade for your Mustang, Bilstein is the perfect choice. This kit will dramatically improve the handling and stability for your 2005-2010 V6/GT Mustang or your 2007-2014 GT500, and we guarantee you won't notice any sacrifice to ride comfort. 

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