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Meet CJ Customer Meg Lebedz!

Meet CJ Customer Meg Lebedz!

It’s time for another Customer Profile, and this month, we’re featuring a long time customer, Meg Lebedz! Meg has a passion for cars, including her beloved 1967 Mustang coupe. However, the story with her Mustang restoration project is a bit tricky… spanning 24 years and in fact, TWO 1967 Mustang coupes!

1967 Mustang Coupe

Meg found her first Mustang, a pieced together 1967 coupe, at the age of 15 and purchased it for $500. Pieced together might be a bit of an understatement, actually, as she had to do maintenance projects and quick fixes on it pretty frequently. She actually became quite the car enthusiast during this time, keeping a journal of repair notes and learning quite a bit about auto repair and restoration!

For the next several years, the coupe stayed in a primered, cheap fix stage, and served as a daily driver throughout Meg’s time in college.

When Meg settled down to raise a family, her beloved 1967 Mustang unfortunately fell to the back burner. With two kids, a new house, and a career on her hands, Meg little time to devote to performing the larger restorations her coupe needed to continue as a daily driver… or even as a once-in-a-while vehicle.

Time seemed to slip away, and for the past 24 years, the ’67 coupe remained parked, piled under all sorts of objects, like kites, sleds, and camping gear!

Meg with her Mustang

Mustang Mondays

However, in 2012, Meg made a commitment to dig out her classic Mustang and return it to daily driving condition. For this endeavor, she called up her childhood friend, Lou LaSpisa, a former auto mechanic of twenty years. Lou decided to help out and quickly began the hunt for the parts that were needed to restore Meg’s ’67 coupe from nearly the ground up.

"No matter what life threw at me, I've never changed who I am, and finishing this car and teaching my kids about it has always been my dream!" 

During this process, Lou came across a 1967 Mustang V8 for sale that needed far less work than Meg’s. After some time and convincing, Meg decided to sell her ’67 and purchase the ’67 V8 and restore it using the parts she had collected during her years of casually working on cars.

Meg's new '67This “new” ’67 coupe was in much better condition, with the floors and engine compartment fully intact and no cowl rusting. For most of 2012, Meg and Lou worked on restoring the ’67 V8 during what they termed “Mustang Mondays,” bringing it closer and closer to drivable condition. As an added bonus, they were able to strip away many important parts from her original ’67 coupe before selling it, so adding them to her second ’67 Mustang kept alive much of the history and memories Meg had with her Mustang.

Through weekly updates on social media, Meg’s friends and fellow car enthusiasts were able to follow the progress of Meg and Lou’s “Mustang Mondays,” sometimes providing helpful suggestions for the project. Meg’s two young kids, Robbie and Emily, even helped at times at “Uncle” Lou’s garage.

“Even at the age of 9 and 11, they have a pretty good understanding of what an auto restoration entails!”

Meg’s hopes for the restoration of her ’67 Mustang involves bringing it back to almost original condition, with some minor modifications, like aftermarket wheels and a Borgeson Power Steering Kit. So far, they’ve replaced several major parts including both quarter panels, torque boxes, fenders, the trunk lid, and hood. They have also rebuilt the engine and drivetrain to 100% stock condition.

For Mustang parts, Meg says Lou lets her know what needs to be ordered and she then turns to us here at CJ’s. In fact, we’ve had Meg as a great and loyal customer since she found our booth at an Englishtown Swap Meet back in the early 1990’s! With the kind of restoration project Meg has undertaken, she finds our online website a great tool for tracking progress, costs, and sales history easily and efficiently.

Mustang Parts from CJ Pony Parts includes:

It’s Meg and Lou’s hope to get the Mustang completed and ready for daily driving in May of 2014 and, along with Lou’s tremendous help on the restoration, Meg attributes a lot of help and support to her friend Robert Richards.

“I have dreamed of driving my kids to school in it every day for the past 24 years, and soon it will be a reality!”

Working on the car

More Mustangs!

While Meg’s beloved ’67 Mustang was her first, it actually isn’t the only Mustang she’s owned. Previously, she’s had a 1989 Mustang GT 5.0, which was a white convertible, 5-speed, with 5-Star rims, a Flowmaster exhaust, and a twin turbo fiberglass hood. In 1998, she purchased a brand new Mustang coupe right out of college.

Meg sanding“Cars have always been important to me, which included making sure all the maintenance and weekly car washes were done to keep them looking and running good!”

When Meg isn’t at work or in Lou’s garage with her Mustang, she enjoys spending time with her family and friends at her home in New Jersey, visiting the beach in the summer, and skiing in Pennsylvania in the winter. She also has a passion for photography, admitting that she often pulls over her car and whips out her camera if something catches her eye.

“Lou and I are both having a blast with this restoration, and I can’t wait to get my ’67 out of the garage and on the road!”

Check back with us later this week for a feature on Lou LaSpisa, as we share some more about his own history as a mechanic and Mustang enthusiast!



Great piece on a true Mustang lover! My two kids love it when I pull out one of our 65 Mustangs and take them to school. It is great that they also have a love for the old classics. Meg's kids will surely have the same passion for the 67 as their mom. Best of luck.

It is refreshing to see someone sticking to the plan. Keeping that desire to keep a bit of the original, even though a change had to be made to a better car. I have had about 7 Mustangs yet I have only had two on the road. It was my first one (a 66 coupe 289) that got the good paint job. That was back in 1982 or so. I now need to get re-motivated to get into my current 65 convertible 289. I really want to finish this one and make it a keeper. I won't be done as soon as Meg's though. Great for her to find Lou to help bring it back to life.

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